Hello and welcome to another Outstanding Content of the Week. Without further ado let’s get started.

For Text Blogs:

In Fourth Place: Les gives us another tenth of his Top 200 Best songs for Content, Performance, Arrangement/Recording: https://www.manic-expression.com/my-top-200-best-songs-for-content-performance-arrangementrecording-songs-11-20by-les/

In Third Place: Moviefan12 teams up with Infamous Jak to look at the Muppet Villains: https://www.manic-expression.com/31-days-of-halloween-moviefan12-infamous-jak-look-at-the-muppets-villains/

Tied for Second Place: Firstly BigBlackHatMan gives us some context of the Alamo: https://www.manic-expression.com/the-context-of-the-alamo1960/

And secondly The Second Opinion compares Trick ‘r Treat with Twilight Zone: The Movie: https://www.manic-expression.com/cult-vs-mainstream-trick-r-treat-vs-twilight-zone-the-movie/

And the winner is, or Outstanding Blog of the Week, is…

Pretty Boy

Who gives us a breakdown on why survival horror is so scary: https://www.manic-expression.com/in-too-deep-what-makes-survival-horror-scary/

And so, raise your glasses for the traditional OBotW toast. “Pretty Boy.”

For Videos

In Fourth Place: bobbert33 gives us his first episode the the Reality of Wrestling Review by looking at AbelCare: https://www.manic-expression.com/reality-of-wrestling-review-1-abelcare/

In Third Place: Timmer brings us his Halloween special of Half the Battle by looking at Sins of our Fathers: https://www.manic-expression.com/half-the-battle-halloween-sins-of-our-fathers/

Tied for Second Place: Firstly Paranormal Rob brings us his 65th episode of Cartoon Clipshow by taking a look at Inhumanoids: https://www.manic-expression.com/cartoon-clipshow-65-inhumanoids/

And secondly alexthed brings us his 23rd episode of Movie Questions Answered when he starts Thinking Out Loud: https://www.manic-expression.com/movie-questions-answered-ep-23-thinking-out-loud/

And the winner is, or Outstanding Blog of the Week, is…


Who gives us a doubly detailed historical perspective about The Alamo: https://www.manic-expression.com/historical-perspective-the-alamo/

And so, raise your glasses for the traditional OBotW toast. “BigBlackHatMan”

For a chance to be next week’s winner for Outstanding Content of the Week, all you have to do is nominate your blog and/or video.

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