I have been meaning to a poem like this, but never found the time to work on it as a whole, this will be broken in many parts. Just as the title says, questions to answers that I thought to just give a try. This is the first part, so of course, it is a bit clunky. None the less, enjoy.



In the voice that asks so simple,
to reached out,
a reply is the only needed to give.

If they asked out of oddly precise words to do,
humor them and do so,
what comes after,
is just a clever games of words.

Such as to grab a book nearest to you,
turn to 18,
and find line 4.
Repeat what is there,
no matter how it comes off them,
for you are to watch me for I will be visible to you.
But sadly that book could only do much,
in short of life,
what should truly given,
yet today was for not now to come.

Come out to stretch your left arm out as far as you can,
what can you touch?
Yet in simple bleakness,
the words that come are nothing of solidness,
just the air I breathe,
that I take with touch of less grasps,
without even trying.

Starting just too quickly of it,
they asked before you started this survey,
what were you doing?
Honesty plays odd turns for a response,
but does so anyway . . .
may say learning what others say is useless through what is in life inside the real world and the cyber world . . .
interesting if one just does it.

But bothers nothing close enough to maybe what is the last thing you watched on TV?
Forbidden Planet,
The Andalusian Dog,
Witchcraft through the Ages,
Seven Samurai,
The Man Who Laughs . . .
I have comes to see,
I have no life at night when it comes to it . . .
next time,
no movie night with friends when they ask.
Just say no.

Out of trickiness,
they’ll maybe ask without looking,
guess what time it is . . .
middle of the night close to mid day,
clocks only work,
if one needs them,
days off don’t count for time.

Side Notes

Doing another Thanksgiving Poem; subject is what are you least thankful for and is there a way of how to handle it your way. The numbers for responses are 28. PM me for the due date is on Thanksgiving Day.

Want to do another Paint a Picture Special; who is the artist you like to see? PM me or comment below

And lastly, know any Thanksgiving themes that can become poem form. PM me or comment below

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