With this being the last day of Halloween, why bring forth music that comes off that would be played on this day to embrace the scares and joys that is Halloween for kids and adults. The videos in used belong to their rightful owners and are your choice to watch/listen. Ending with that and I hope you enjoy this in some regards to send off this month. Later!



Time to act quickly,
Smooth the bumps of useless trails,
And kill the lights,
For darkness to grip tightly tonight!

Letting it drive oneself,
Into forever numb counts,
Of lies reek and twist the lips.

In fear to enter Sandman,
Let this mist,
Drown the eyes into,
An unexcitable watery hallucination of poor misjudgment,
That takes its toll in the worst of ways.

Burning the eyes in Benzin,
Leaving the tears to bleed,
And run dry,
As one grasps for air,
When in doubt that freedom bell will never ring.

Scream if that is the last resort,
When finally dropping to my knees,
That chance ruined everything.

Driving the will,
Into nothing,
But a blackout that feels like a cage,
For the damn that in no way could become.

It is all what it is,
Estranging to the brain,
Like it was clay,
It is just mere cut green smile glass insanity!

Come to blame the only thing,
At being that is far,
A friendly,
Speak in fairness of El Diablo!

Already, none else to say,
But the truth in seeing as it is;
That all this is already over,
Sad but true.

All of it so clear now,
To known that,
I of sadly being,
Does this,
For I write sins not tragedies,
All of it makes sense now!

That somewhere,
Deep and deeper,
Within one’s mind,
There founded by the dead memories.

To come full loop,
And is all just so damn clear,
What becomes only,
Only the skin burn of a bullet with butterfly wings!

I have now known,
For just reasoning,
I don’t care of what is to come!

Just fake it,
No one will care anymore,
Thus if they ever before!

This lack-luster humanity has become what it is,
A mad world,
With lack of neither remorse nor wild life!

Live and let die,
Of the fails to come,
And for those that have feaster,
Leaving everything in . . .
Blistering blissfully anesthetized to the meat tissue.

Come forth,
Heed it all,
Spirit of Chaos,
Hear I for what is to come,
And needs tending to . . .

Know this little fact,
This town, your gave,
Know it!

Louder than thunder,
It will shake everything,
Broken and dirty to the fleshy peeled eyes!

We’re all to blame for this,
Even in forgiven eyes,
It changes nothing of what is to come!

Within the buried,
Of the undead,
Speak softly of what I mean,
So listen clear and know . . .

Come forth down with the sickness,
Shredding all left of humanity away,
Living crisped bones of shameless misery.

In a spiral typhoon,
Storm breach onward passed the skin,
Into becoming an animal I have become,
Dreary of everything in false hope,
But smiled still so been true!

They’ll come,
Break neck speed they’ll come,
In to only act for they’re coming to take me away,
Upon blindness fables doing so . . .

In chance they do win,
To heal my wounds,
It changes nothing of the master plan.

Never has it come to mind,
To kill everybody,
Never be that of a somewhat sound mind.

Oh dear creature of night,
Pleads never come easy to say,
But in given,
Understand is all there is.

Dare to only and proudly do so,
Let the monster rise up from the grave,
Set out on the world,
Crazed with laughter as a dumb terrorize soul!

Run devil run,
Quick as you can,
Nowhere to hide,
For we all come to an end swiftly so.

Rolling with the dead,
We will all in just gleefulness,
Dare not think it will be true,
Or you have lack the common sense of it all.

It will loud and prideful,
Even more so akin to fresh open wounds,
Pouring out all their worth,
To the land of ours to hold!

Known in sheer bareness,
You and I are welcomed,
So in greets,
Welcome to the family,
Oh dear kin.

Where we go from here,
Is not even for living,
And even the dead can’t testify of this,
Again in sheer sweetness of it all!

Where all in the end of this,
Know of what today is,
As this is Halloween,
As we scream through the night,
Crazy and happy!

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