That was stupid!
What the hell was,
All that.
“Can you believe,
The other glance.
It’s just words.
They have no real,
“This time they do!”
“Don’t be a baby.”
“I’m not!”
A rise from the,
Give me a short,
Detail of theses,
“They are here and,
They know.”
“Wait there’s more:
That day on,
Yella Hill,
Jack and Jill were,
To kill Phil.”
“Again so…”
“After Phil then Lil,
Then Bill.”
That made the other,
Go in shock.
“Bill as in William.”
“Your father who,
Did the crime has,
Just ran out of time.”
Stop your freaking me,
“This last bit is for,
Hands the paper.
The other reads.
“Little Bill won’t,
Rest in peace until,
He rots the bloody,
Hell must pay,
The price.”
What could that mean?
Who knows about Bill?
Oh shit!
Oh shit!
Oh shit!

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