Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, we continue the Halloween celebration with Pluto’s Judgement Day. Now originally, I was going to review Duck Pimples but from a conservation on Facebook with DisneyOtoko, he will be reviewing it for 31 Days of Halloween, so I’ve decided instead turn my attention to another short that is wonderful for this time of year as we take a look at Pluto’s Judgement Day. A short where Pluto is put on trials for his sins against feline kind in Hell.

The Plot

Pluto is chasing a little kitten all throughout the forest and into Mickey’s house and into his lap. Mickey is upset at his pet and disappointed him and tells his pooch that he’ll have a lot to answer for on his judgement day.

Pluto then falls asleep in front of a fireplace and then a cat comes and taunts him into a fight that leads him to Hell, which happens to be in the shape of a cat head.

And here we see the prosecutor, which is a demonic looking cat and the judge, which is also a cat both voiced by classic Disney voice actors Billy Bletcher and Clarence Nash respectively. And then we the various cats that were supposedly victims of Pluto including a scene of three black cats, who apparently Pluto had drank their milk and ate their liver and killed their Uncle Tom. Yeah, I can see why this scene was cut and then the jury reach a verdict and decide that Pluto is guilty and decide to set him on fire.

Pluto then wakes up with a piece of fire on his tail and it was all a dream but unlike say The Mad Doctor, we knew that this short was dream all throughout and damn was it creepy with everything from the demonic prosecutor to the victims of Pluto such as the one that is frightened at the sight of a dog bark and it causes him to go into shock or seeing poor Pluto chained up.

As for the ending, it ends with Pluto jumping into the bath that Mickey was giving Pluto. And Pluto and the kitty making up.


Pluto voiced by Pinto Colvig

Okay, while Pluto supposedly did some pretty terrible things, I don’t know how many of these we can take as being true knowing that this was nightmare that Pluto was having. So, I think that they can be put aside and it was just Pluto’s mind getting the best of him.

Mickey Mouse voiced by Walt Disney

I’ve seen some people say that Mickey was being too harsh on Pluto in the beginning. Well, he kinda deserved it. Look, I get that dogs chase cats but Pluto made a mess of things in the house and the way I look at it, Mickey was disappointed in Pluto but more upset at the mess, his pooch created then actually upset at Pluto himself but in the end, he forgave Pluto.


Judge voiced by Clarence Nash

I liked the judge, sure he didn’t have a lot to do but he was creepy and I liked it, when he hit one of the character with his gavel.

Prosecutor voiced by Billy Bletcher

Easily, one of the most memorable aspects of this was the Prosecutor from the creepy design to Billy Bletcher’s fantastic voice work that just made him so intimidating, he just struck fear whenever you saw him.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this short is really creepy and I can’t call it fun but I can say that it is perfect for the Halloween season and you just feel bad for Pluto all throughout and hope that he pulls through and you are relieved when it’s revealed to be a dream. Join me next time as we head back to the beginning of the Silly Symphony to celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the short that kicked off the Silly Symphony shorts. Get your bones ready as we head to the graveyard to do…

The Skeleton Dance

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