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Back Of The Box: While trick-or-treating on Halloween, a young boy unwittingly helps a serial killer who’s dressed as a character from the kid’s favorite video game.

I remember hearing The Nostalgia Critic talking about this a few years ago, and it’s been sitting in my Netflix queue ever since.

OK Some kid has this crappy flash game that he plays on a disconnected camcorder screen, called “Satan’s Little Helper”.
It’s one of those ironic internet games like Happy Wheels. You go around the neighborhood killing everyone.
Dougie, is supper into this game that he thinks he and his sister can go out trick or treating and actually find Satan.
When his sister returns from collage with her boyfriend Dougie feels like he’s getting between him and his sister.

Doug gets mad walks out and finds who he thinks is satan. A silent masked man who is decorating a lawn with a freshly killed body.
Doug asks him back to kill his sister’s boyfriend and along the way, he starts to take the place in the home as her boyfriend.
Doug and “Satan” go around town causing havoc that the kid just thinks is pretend, until “Satan” kills Doug’s father.

“Satan” changes costumes a few times in order to continue to blend in, ultimately ending with him dressing up like a police officer (even though he is still wearing a mask) in order to reenter the house.

Elements I Liked:
I enjoyed the acting of the guy who played “Satan” as it’s a very physical roll, and he is able to convey a lot through the full on mask.
I also like the story element of someone being able to get away (literally) with murder on Halloween. Similar to my story idea of the best time and location to attack America would be to bomb the beaches on 4th of July night.

Elements I Didn’t Like:
The kid is way to old to be this wrapped up in a game to believe it’s real. let alone believe he could do the things in the game and think it’s pretend. Also he is at the age where he should know better than to join up with some adult stranger, and invite him into his house.

Another thing I hatted is how everyone is stupid in believing a lot of what “Satan” does in order to try to act like people he’s taking the place of.

Final Verdict:
If you like slightly dumb and dark humor, then this film might be for you.
It tries to play itself as a dark comedy/horror, but kinda comes off like a “higher end” cheep direct to video kind.
At the end, I didn’t like it in spite of the story elements I enjoyed. I think it would have done better in the hands of better writers and directors.

But hey if it sounds interesting to you, give it a watch and let me know what you think.

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