There are many current TV shows, here are a few you've probably heard of!

Well guys, I needed an excuse to write up a blog so that the source of our spacing issues could be determined with accuracy…I know…it’s a new low, I’ll hang in hell for this, but I’m getting current. I’ve concluded that doing a list of the top shows on television that you should be watching right now gives me a great opportunity to use images, video embeds, varied tags, an excerpt, multiple categories, etc. If this seems rushed, it’s because it totally is!!! Bwahaha!


Ah, my first excuse to use an image, yay!

So, here, we go.


9. Arrow


Huh, big images to, I guess we’ll see how that affects the blog while we’re at it.

Anyway, Arrow, one of the many attempts to cash in on the Superhero craze of roughly 2009-current. And with that, it does a pretty damn good job, my only real gripe with the show is it’s characters that aren’t the main ones can sometimes fell a bit underused, beyond that, it’s a good enough show to make it onto this list.



8. Game of Thrones


Ah, Game of Thrones, the softcore porn that’s dazzled millions. This show throws world building at you like it’s chocolate at Willy Wonkas place, you just can’t get enough, everything in this show is intricately put together like a puzzle that just keeps getting bigger. The stories are enthralling and you’ll love every character that walks on screen.

An issue with this show I suppose is that it does drag a bit, but if you can get to the good bits(No, not those kinds), than you might just be in for a helluva ride.

7. The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is the best show set in a post apocalyptic world. Period. No, screw Adventure Time, that’s a terrible show. One thing I like about this show is that it does well at establishing a no one is safe policy early on, which I tend to not like in most TV shows, but in a Zombie Apocalypse, you can’t go wrong. One problem I’ve had with this show consistently is that when it gets slow, it’s slllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. And when it get’s fasHOLY SHIT LOOK OUT!!!! See what I mean?

6. Once Upon a Time


Once Upon a Time is a happy show to watch, with happy endings, happy morals, and not much blood. Like Game of Thrones(Though perhaps with a few more holes), Once Upon a Time builds an intricate world where every character matters to some end. They play with your expectations and always lead to an epic season finale that will have you begging for more, also, who can’t love Rumpel?

5. Doctor Who


Doctor Who is Doctor Who is Doctor Who. It’s the best Sci-Fi show on TV and is regarded as such for good reason, The Doctor, the main protagonist, is one of the greatest superheroes of fiction, he is the center of an epic space….I don’t want to say opera…follies? No, to silly….It’s an Epic Space Something, and by god it’s the best Epic Space Something you’re ever gonna see.

4. Gotham


The newest show on the list, Gotham still has time to disappoint, but, as of yet, it really hasn’t. Maybe being a huge Batman fan bumped this show up a few notches, but I don’t think anyone can deny the interesting characters presented, the beautiful comic book-esque aesthetic serving as the shows backdrop, and the and the tight ingenuity of the individual episodes really works to make this show a worthy addition to the batman franchise.

3. Sherlock


Everything that’s wrong with every other show on this list is right here, Sherlock is a masterful creation and you should be watching it, now. Steven Moffat(The Writer of Doctor Who), brings his A game to this show with episodes that, for all intense and purposes, are movies, and great movies to. If you watch any show on this list, start here, it’s worth your time.


2. Err…


…What? I only watch 7 shows? That’s so…lame… I can’t even fill my usual 9 slots for lists? Ah…well fuck….ah…Bye!!!!


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