Alone . . . stuck . . . unsure what to do?

Seating on the sidewalk,
To where crisp luck of autumn has blew,
Into the twilight,
With children scattering about,
Solo or in groups of many!

Colorful designs they wear of what they wanted to be,
This more so on a spook of a day.

Sniggers, bawls, converses blur as one void of speech.

One cannot help but smile,
Of how happily careless they are.

Far from a bad thing,
They’ll know more as they grow.

Let them have their sweets and chills.

It’s only for a day and night.

Just this once,
Maybe even not just that!

For again,
They are young and only be as they are.

Oh how those moments will pass,
Be only that once.

Yet with a tap on the shoulder,
Turn slowly to,
With a smile,
Welcoming to the owner,
Who was just as them and soon keep on so,
It will lessen the pain just a bit.

In a flash,
Grabs for my hand,
That young smile grows and speaks a mile-a-minute,
About what lies within the goodie-bag that had larger from the last house,
Oh how this season does wisely,
To those of the young mind children that rush around.

Recalling of passing days of those moments,
They remind what should be remember,
Even on a day like,
Halloween . . .

Its funny how the small things,
Like this little trouble of a adorable leech,
Sticking close to my side,
Still chatting,
Carmel coated the face,
As soon a new house comes in sight,
Of that leech runs off!

Speak quickly to remind them of facts that can’t stay away,
And the run becomes a jog,
It’s a weight that gladly lights up.

Soon this day will end.

Another year will come and go.

But hopefully,
That smile won’t fade,
Nor the memoires that were passed to each other,
Those were shared because,
It’s how siblings act to one another.

Then again,
Not many know that feeling,
But maybe that feeling of having someone looking up,
On oneself,
It goes a long way.

With a loose laugh,
That leech comes back,
On a zappy sugar high,
Along with a smile that will never fade now.

Out of the blue,
The words slip.

As you might say to a little leech,
Is happy Halloween!

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