About five months ago I discussed theme songs that I loved to TV shows I never watched. It takes a special kind of theme to become so popular that people know and love it despite never watching the show. Even if the show isn’t that great.



And I found five more!

#5.The Beverly Hillbillies

I am not sure why I never got into this show, but I didn’t. But the theme song, now that’s another story. Who doesn’t love the ballad of Jed Clampett played on that cool banjo? Like all good theme songs it sets up the premise of the show in a very memorable way. It was a very popular song making the billboard charts.





#4.Room 222

Now when I saw I never saw this one, I really mean it. I barely heard of it! But I came across the tune on a compilation album and just loved it! It quickly became ome of my favorite theme songs..even though I have never seen this show. At all. For those like me this show was a comedy-drama about a history class in a fictional school in California that aired in the early 70’s following The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family and before The Odd Couple. By the way according to Wikipedia the theme was written by Jerry Goldsmith. The guy responsible for many of the Star Trek themes (among dozens of others move themes). That may explain why I liked it so much. Follow the link and take a listen, you may be surprised by the nice soft melody.





#3.The Jetsons

Cheating a little because I have seen this show a little. While I watched and liked The Flintstones growing up, The Jetsons were another story. For some reason I just never got into this show. But the theme song I love! It’s a great melody and I always enjoyed the way it introduced all the characters.





#2.Magnum P.I./Miami Vice

Decided to make this a tie. Tom Selleck’s mega hit from the 80’s was a huge show. I never watched. I think it had something to do with the fact it was on CBS and when I was a kid NO ONE watched CBS. My how things can change. But the point is that Selleck made this show a major hit and the theme song was amazing! It was exciting, it was fast paced, and definitely makes you want to see the show. Well, not me but other people. Miami Vice was on NBC so what was my excuse? I have none (except perhaps that I was just to young to stay up that late) but this was also a kick ass theme. So kick ass it actually topped the charts in the 80’s!






#1.The X-Files

One big reason I love these themes despite never watching the show is because the theme became so popular that it’s simply everywhere! And this is a perfect example, who hasn’t heard this soft melody which sets the mood for the series perfectly? It’s eerie and just sets the atmosphere so well. It seems to always pop up around Halloween (and Nostalgia Critic used it for his Nostalgia-Ween theme a few years ago). Why didn’t I ever get into the show? Um….. It scared me ok, I admit it! Well maybe not scared me, it’s just I just never gravitated to it. Even though it did stories I’d like and starred  Gillian Anderson who’s kind of hot, maybe I should catch some re-runs?




So what about you guys? Any theme songs you love from shows you’ve never actually seen?

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