I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – knowing a celebrity is weird. Decker Shado, the guys at ComicBook Cast, Oliver Harper – these people are huge! Some might say, “Now wait a minute, James, these guys aren’t that big. Calling them celebrities is a little misleading. After all, they aren’t Tom Cruise.” Tom Cruise…? What decade do you live in?

The fact of the matter is, in a recent survey done on people 30 and younger, Internet celebrities ranked higher that movie or TV stars. The times aren’t a’changin’, they’re already changed. The world is a different place. It used to be you had to make it big in Hollywood to become a big star. Now the big stars are people who make videos where they talk about movies, politics, or…comic strips.


Comic Strip Critic is kind of a big deal. He’s been a part of this site since the early days, and was one of the first Expressionists to send in an interview for Creative Chaos. As the years have passed his show, The Punchline, has grown in popularity. Does he need Manic Expression? Are we his only audience? No, he has fans from around the Net who eagerly await his next video.

And rightfully so, as CSC’s videos are some of the best produced I’ve ever seen. His use of green screen is impressive, his comic timing is impeccable, and his in-depth analysis of comic strips has caught the eye of many, including the strips creators. This is a guy who can parlay his skills into a career if he so chooses. This is a man whose name we’ll all know someday…and maybe, unlike me, you’ll be able to spell it right (sorry for the Creative Chaos typo!).

Yet despite his success and his growing audience, CSC continues to lend a hand here at Manic Expression. You’ll see him in the 500 member special very soon, and when our Patreon campaign launches soon he’s agreed to produce a video to help spread the word. CSC is a loyal friend to every member of Manic Expression. When he did a con last year he agreed to talk about us. He didn’t have to, he had enough material to show off, and yet he devoted time to talking to the audience about Manic Expression,

Not everyone you meet in life is someone you can count on. Sadly we often find that success changes people, makes them forget who their friends are. I’ve lost friends that way, I’m sure many of you have. Yet here on Manic Expression success doesn’t tear us apart, it brings us together. Any time I see people commenting on a Facebook post for one of our bigger name Expressionists, there are his or her fellow members, cheering them on.

Comic Strip Critic is a successful producer unto himself, and yet he continues to post at a site that boasts of having no one promoted above anyone else. There’s no ego there, just a big heart.

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