Spiral downward,
Into the cycle that can be left behind,
Forever spinning,
Turning of a mixture that even a warlock,
Would give a question too!

Capital moment of it,
Slice of a silage olive butter cube,
That withers from the mere touch,
Of unworthiness,
But the filth of clean hands,
Smother it upon with no worry.

Class divided not only by all,
But one that started this,
Setline of a trend,
And all we can do is put up with it.

Or be pulled into a world,
Not met for all,
As again divided by two,
Of red and blue,
As a larger than life animal,
Tries to step upon a smaller animal,
But alas the tricks never stop.

For in time that cube molds,
Unable to be taken with scene it was to be,
And forgotten and replace.

By just of popular vote,
And sadly the cycle goes on,
As a game of shoots and stairs,
Where there is no end place,
On the board we all ended upon,
To rot!

Leaving nothing else in the batter of butter,
Faded to hard jade,
Unable to be use,
Unable to even bare that it was made from falseness.

Butter denomination gone,
Spoiled because of what,

Not of the mature kind . . .
What a two children would if there was only one,
Rock waddle on the playground,
And a stupid fight broke out of it.

Having the time,
The toy removed,
Hoping to end the pity fight,
Having the rest of the playground,
Bare one less thing to play with,
And less of enjoyment for a land,
That was about having fun.

Wear the red or the blue,
What does really do?

In the end of the beliefs,
What really should,
Is a word that can’t be speaking?
But be done in snap.

Worlds like this,
Can’t make it through all this,
There is no such thing.

But does it matter for someone,
As to who is writing this,
It’s not battle to bother with,
But at a time,
It has become . . .
Demoralizing and needs to bring to a standstill!

For those who cheer for red and blue,
Why do you do all this?

Just answer this following question:
As a fellow who wear this clad color,
Of red or blue do it for . . .

And that empty space for you,
Be sure it’s not the one that came from your ass,
No one has time for that,
Even for someone such as yourself.

Just keep in mind,
The butter was given is being taken away,
All because you two can’t get along!

And is how you make a world come to be,
It’s just not,
So wake up,
For all what is left in this world,
Before is nothing but a bleak history lesson!

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