Greetings from the team at Freak And Nitro TV! We’re proud to begin distributing our work on and want to give a bit of an introduction.


Freak and Nitro TV is a group headed by Kellen Nitro and Jimmy TehFreak – two Canadian Gamers, Geeks, Hockey fans, Wrestling marks, and generally corrupted by the 90’s.  Our channel is not just a show, but an actual channel – with a huge variety of programming – exactly as our lives had been shaped by the Attention Span-less 90’s had done to us.  We do reviews of movies and games, as well as skits, lets plays, commentaries and riffs, podcasts on current events, editorials about pro wrestling and much much more.


We hope you’ll enjoy our stuff as we’ve been steadily improving since we began in 2010.  Special thanks to Decker Shado for recommending Manic-Expression to us.  We hope to work with your community to present the best product we can and (hopefully) keep on the standards that M.E. producers already have set.


What you can expect to find on this thread will be a lot of our new and old bodies of work – from our taste-testing program EATS to Jimmy’s Asylum Project review series, from Long Story Short (a play on 5 second movies) to satirical shorts like Douche on Top.

We hope you enjoy and definitely want feedback – even the trolls.  We might even bring cookies.  In the meantime – here’s one of Kellen Nitro’s earlier skits – PSA: Interns


If you like what you see, or you just want to throw us some hate on teh youtubez – you can find us at

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