Personally, I think it’s about time I looked at some of the older MLP Generations. I do love G4 and what has spawned from it, but I always walk away from the previous generations often ignoring them as much as possible.
I could talk about the generation of MLP I knew growing up, but…


Yeah, I’m going to keep avoiding that.

So, I’m going to go back in time to the ’80s when My Little Pony was fresh on the television circuit and hot on the toy shelves.

The original show was pretty much made for one thing: Selling Toys. The show was pretty much a success at doing that and it stayed around long enough to get itself a movie (As some children’s TV shows did.) I can tell already I’m not going to like this.



(It’ll have to do for now since I have to wait to see Rainbow Rocks.)

The film tells of the Ponies in their world living in peace and happiness, until the witch Hydia and her daughters decide to ruin their fun and Hydia decides to create an undefeatable being called The Smooze which will consume the land. So, they try to stop them from creating the Smooze as well as try to find a missing baby pony that’s run off with Spike following her.

Half way through the film, the Ponies do seek help from a certain group of characters that pretty much many modern Bronies fear that will be added in the show & why people don’t like Equestria Girls…HUMANS.


From what I understand, the three humans, Megan, Danny, and Molly, often go to the Pony World and are friends with them. In this, they help the ponies by using a Rainbow power that’s kept inside a locket, (Probably was the inspiration for the Elements of Harmony) but it has little to no effect on the Smooze. I have to admit, they weren’t as annoying as I was expecting them to be. That is spot was reserved for some of the Ponies.

They also come across a group of creatures called Grundles who decide to help them stop Hydia. They were troll like creatures who want their home back because it was taken over by Smooze. Much like the Humans, they weren’t as annoying as I expected them to be. In fact, they were much more likable than the Ponies themselves.


The Ponies in the film didn’t seem very memorable by any means. They were dull, talkative, and they can be very harsh sometimes (mainly toward the baby pony in the beginning.) Sometimes, I lost track of who was who since they were almost identical to each other.

The film includes a new set of ponies called Flutter Ponies. They basically were Ponies who had the wings of G4 Breezies. They are at first hesitant to help them out, but they do eventually with some persuasion. They definitely seemed a bit snobby at first glance, at least their leader did.
Basically, I didn’t really like any of the ponies who were in the film and they were completely forgettable and were annoying at times throughout the film.

The only character from it that anybody could recognize was Spike.


Personally, I don’t really care for Spike in G4 and the same could be said for this version as well. I thought it odd that he was voiced by Charlie Alder, but the voice did seem fitting though.

If there’s one thing all of the My Little Pony generations have in common, they all have songs and this film is no exception. The songs were thrown in every now and then and we’re mostly telling of character’s personalities and occasionally situations happening (Mainly with the Smooze.) They were pretty forgettable for me, aside from the Smooze song (and the MLP Theme song.)

I might as well get the animation aspect out of the way since I have very little to say about it. Basically, I thought it was decent animation for its time. It definitely was much better than G3.5’s animation, but it can’t top G4’s animation though.

Final Thoughts: I thought this was terrible. I didn’t like any of the characters, (I found some of them to be irritating,) the songs were bland, the story was stupid, and I just wanted to throw my computer at the wall. It definitely serves as a reminder that Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks could be much worse.

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