Got to keep it short, nor words that leave . . . must be short and direct.
Nothing beyond what one mind’s can do.
Measurement lengthwise means little to what a straight forward respond can give.
No need to be fancy.
No need to show to have brains and say terminology that can’t be possibly real, even upon looking them up, it means nothing.
It is still a useless to know and to have.
Why have those letters type more than what is needed to be said?
Why go so far?
To break a jaw?
To twist the tongue?
Bend sight upon looking at them?
What is the all meaning goal to so?
To speak such things, shouldn’t need to go that far!
Long beyond letters those form words that bend all of reality.
This isn’t a joke, speaking only truth, and fabrication decorated in burgundy.
Keep them short, sweet, and blunt.
Why do even more than just that, is pity to those who think something longer than twelve is meaningful.
It is not.
Not even close.
Coming off well-groomed when maxim vocabulary that could bring mischievous sprites afar the justification.
It is pointless.
It is something, sadly, not all understand, as that, that try, have fallen and can’t return to what they were once was.
A shame, a pity, a cruse it is to speak of words, which go farther down the rabbit hole of the dictionary.
A loss of what a short reply could once do, now has come, to know what is bigger and better, than just even saying . . . hello.




Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (Western) or Sesquipedalophobia (Northen and Middle Europa)
Fear of Long Words

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