Resting upon the bed,
sheets sprawled in sheer wildness,
leaving skin bare.

Moonlit rays encase the body in a glow that was not human.

But it was alluring and welcoming to the eyes . . .

Crime it would seem to try not to protect it.

For the failure before haunts now,
as that body lays bare and free.

Faded bruises litter the body,
mocking that of shrewd tattoos.

Salted tears may fall,
but only as the other sleeps.

Staying strong is all one can do,
as the other will soon raise, eyes blank as a dried pool.

Sit from the bed,
send a smile that was hollow as an angel’s promise for a second chance,
soon morphs . . .

And then is gone,
out there,
where no other can follow.

Dare so to break that unsaid rule.

But the vow made,
what would leave left of that friendship that was torn,
as the day it all started.

Never judge, never,
those spoken words . . .

Vulvae the body at every repeat for the hour . . .

The other never comes back on time.

Don’t run after,
than what is left for oneself.

A family that never wanted another mouth to feed . . .

Education that was far too much to pay . . .

A past love who gave up without trying on something not worth it . . .

Go after, the one thing keeping the air in the lungs goes with it.

The chances are too great.

But so is death on the other’s heart.

Who fears nothing,
which has worked through the bumps and curves,
tosses away as trash and made it a title?

Doing things that would take years to do,
to distance from everything,
and allow another near.

Don’t go after.


the tears only bitter the taste more.

Out of tiredness rest,
with blackness as welcoming blanket . . .

Only to awake later,
with the other returned,
inflicted as before,
a new crack nose as well.

But that hollow smile still intact.

Out of habit,
it is return.

Along with a short,
heart looping,
inner anger scream to go with it.

In hopelessness,
greetings are share,
short and simple,
before sleeping once more.

Signs of the sun awaken the powerless sleep,
a press up is there.

In wise thought,
it is never read and ripped;
soon falling in the trash and the day is starting again.

Day plays out,
ending with dinner on the table in an empty apartment.

Rules are made,
to keep or break,
is a choice only dare thought of.

Keep it will be,
but broken by another.

Thoughts are not over planned,
and soon,
they are unwinding on their own.

the patterns will change,
for better or worst . . .

Two with different color threads tangled upon,
forever together.

In the end,
hollow smiles with battered faces that scream as a bullet fired.

It was just another day,
with those one cares for,
in a world based solely on black and white styles.

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