Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs and The Following

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Jake Berenson and Ryan Hardy

Relationships: Jake/Cassie (hinted at, referred to in the past tense)

“Cheers!” I yelled as Ryan and I both started on our tenth bottle of beer over at his apartment.

Still the cheap stuff, but amazing all the same because Esplin 9466 had died. Esplin 9466, a former Visser, had died by my hands. I guess you could say that I had avenged Rachel’s death. Well…except for the part that I had killed an innocent man while doing so. However, things had to be done and it wasn’t like I had sought out the fight.

Cassie wouldn’t buy that, though, but that didn’t matter to me in that moment. For the first time in a long time, I had found peace with the fact me and her would never be a couple ever again. At least I was at peace in this moment.

And that’s really all I could ask for since I met the Andalite Prince in the abandoned construction site. A moment of peace here and there.

“Cheers!” Ryan replied, his smile wide. He was smiling probably because of how much he had disfigured Esplin’s corpse. Well…the morph Esplin had died in.

“You go over the new files?” I asked him and he nodded. “Glad that Esplin was delusional about Crayak. Probably why victory over him was so damn easy. He didn’t have Crayak helping him.”

“Well he was still dangerous while being manipulative.” Ryan replied.

“I’m not saying killing him wasn’t a good or hard thing, just that it could have been a lot worse. Crayak is nearly god-like in his abilities so if he wanted Esplin to succeed he would have. He would’ve made any deal with the Ellimist to have Esplin go as far in his plans as he could.”

“Or he would have seen that Esplin was too weak to be of any use to him. I’m sure Esplin would understand that sentiment.”

Yeah, Esplin would. Esplin had been a murderous person who didn’t mind breaking deals with people. All he wanted was power and control. And his delusional importance to Crayak had given him energy to try to become powerful again.

“Just hope that there aren’t any Andalite supporters of his that will cause problems. Like the one that let Esplin loose in the first place. To think of an Andalite supporting a Yeerk like Crayak…” I took a long chug of beer at the thought. “There are some good Yeerks like Aftran, but someone like Esplin is pure hate and loathing.”

“I don’t trust any Yeerk.” Ryan replied. “I still have too much Andalite in me.”

“I understand that. Is it usual for an Andalite to make deals with a Skrit Na?” I asked him. “At least when you were an Andalite. It never seemed to me like your two races would get along that well. Seemed like the Skrit Na were just trouble makers for you.”

“It’s strange that that happened. But it has happened before with some of my former species needing information or items. Though I have never heard of an Andalite breaking out a prisoner like that before.”

Maybe an Andalite was unsatisfied with the state of how Andalite society was going at the moment. Hell, maybe the Andalite just admired Esplin 9466 for some reason. I would never know the whole truth.

“And when Esplin got back to Earth he departed from the human that the Skrit Na had given the Andalite. Probably the human was too old for Esplin’s purposes or didn’t have the charisma he needed.” I said and shook my head. “Joe Carrol was a good pick for a host. I won’t say anything bad about the Yeerk for that pick.”

“Want to turn on the tv?” Ryan asked and walked over to his living room area.

“Yeah, probably a good game is on.” I said and followed him.

When Ryan turned on the tv the news came on.

“As was reported earlier, the former Visser One was killed as was his new host Joe Carrol.” The newswoman, who reminded me of Rachel, said. “Jake Berenson and Ryan Hardy were the brave FBI agents who killed the former invader of Earth. Joe Carrol’s family will be holding a private funeral and there are talks of charges against both Berenson and Hardy. However, we know that charges have been thrown at Berenson before but none have done any damage.”

“Yeah, save the world and the people hate you for it.” I said angrily, though I knew I had crossed lines in order to win.

“But reports are still in about Esplin’s remaining cult members still being at large. It is assumed that some of his old followers may try and restart the cult.” The newswoman said and then Ryan changed channels.

“You don’t have to.” Ryan said as he muted the basketball game that he had just turned on.

“Have to what?” I asked.

“Make sure the cult has died. I helped you kill Esplin, but if any of his followers still remain…I feel like I didn’t really defeat him.”

Ryan had caused trouble and I shouldn’t want to help him. But I also didn’t want to see anyone worshiping Crayak or to have Esplin still causing trouble from beyond the grave.

“I’ll help you.” I told him. “But you have to promise not to go and do something stupid again.”

“I won’t go running off.” Ryan said, though I still doubted him.

With that Ryan turned the sound back on and we enjoyed the rest of the basketball game.
All of Inbetween: The Works of Crayak    

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