In the data code of the digital world,
Rest upon from the thrown of the lotus pond,
Becomes a thrilling let’s play before blinking happens.

In matters of that,
Within the world play digitals,
It takes nothing close as a king,
Nor of a queen or come off as a jester!

Into for this,
It’s a prince.

For this,
It is the Lotus Price,
Who should be retiled as the king of quiet calmness!

When playing through the roles of many,
That runs through the games,
Those have wormed one way or another into hearts,
Of many people who know how to play the game.

Lotus Prince does not overflow screen with loudness,
Or that uncertain keen words of details.

He tries to make the worlds he plays through,
Humorousness humble but sharp,
Honesty bow that he is the best player,
But does what he can in those short moments.

If so now with let’s plays,
For those who nothing more than laughs,
And taunting jeers,
Be elsewhere,
Come to the Lotus Prince who gives more,
Insightfulness as time goes by.

In the long run,
Everyone has different taste in games played,
In this,
Leisurely and secure becomes to the winner.

So congrats to him,
The Lotus Prince to others is just that good.

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