Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and Classic Shorts Showcase. And today, we are taking a look at the first animated appearance of Huey, Dewey, & Louie. The triplets were originally created for the Silly Symphonies comic strips, where they were sent to live with their uncle after landing their father in the hospital, in this short, however it is not stated as to why their mother is sending them to Donald. With that out of the way, let’s see what these troublemakers have in store for their Uncle Donald.


The Plot

Donald’s sister, Dumbella sends her boys to visit her little angels to spend the day with Donald but things don’t go so well as the boys cause trouble as they arrive on tricycles playing polo and starting causing all sorts of mayhem.

Donald finds a book on Modern Child Training (keep in mind that this short came out in 1938, so the book would be outta day now). And uses the book to try to take care of the boys such as using music but that doesn’t work.

Then Donald tries to use food but the boys fight over the meal and the final page in the book says to arouse sympathy and Donald accepts this and tries it but the boys once again trick him and give him a piece of pie filled with hot mustard.

Donald finally loses his temper and starts tearing the book apart after seeing this quote.

After all, little children are only angels without wings

Donald goes into one of his famous explosive rages and tears the book to shreds. That’s one of the things I liked about this short because when I thought Donald was about to lose it at the dinner scene, when the boys gave him the pie, he kept his cool and he kept his cool throughout most of the short and it wasn’t until the last quote that he saw that sent him over the edge. And honestly, he had every right to lose his temper because the boys were brats. Granted, Donald vs. his nephews went on to become a famous set up for Donald shorts but the odd thing is most of the shorts like that I recall usually put Donald in the antagonistic role and had you rooting for the boys whereas here in this short, the boys were clearly the antagonists and the short wanted you to sympathize with Donald. However, that isn’t always the case but sometimes the Donald Vs. Nephews shorts would also give you reasons to root for either side


Donald Duck voiced by Clarence “Ducky” Nash

I felt bad for Donald in this short as he was going through Hell and back with what his nephews put him through and he really tried to keep his cool and be a good uncle to them and when he finally lost it, he had every right to be angry.

Huey, Dewey, & Louie voiced by Clarence “Ducky” Nash

The boys were pretty close to being complete monsters in this short with how they treated their uncle. They were just cruel. And if I were Donald, I would’ve snapped faster than he had. I still liked them but I must admit that I didn’t find them as entertaining as I do in their later appearances.

My Final Thoughts

At best, this short is just okay. It’s not bad but I don’t really feel a need to return to it. I enjoyed it but it’s not the best short using Donald Vs. Nephews. It was a good first introduction for these characters and I’m glad to have seen it but that’s really the only thing that I have gotten out of it.

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