I got a message from a buddy who found a free play game that is up my alley, (i.e.) Poetry Making with magnet words that you can move around until you, in some regards; find your inner poet or someone who likes to make funny one-liners. Sounds dumb and boring to some, but sure is fun when giving it a try. A great style for someone who is unsure on how to make poems. I say give it a try; which you can read my first try, and if you wish too also give it a go; Link is here: http://magneticpoetry.com/pages/play-online

Sanctuary lonely spirit will cycle our never resting path
Lonely come after beneath fertile cloud like fresh dusk wind
Our bright river watches this garden
Cycle must behold why vivid wild world rustle on a stroll but love almost rooted
Never some soft season long life follows every Eden of his and her dark harmony nature
Dark sacred say use an happy blue song
Then wander with deep shade full of sun
Blue winter breeze did no poetry out like you

Beneath decaying brother grass her heart wake yet growl
Growl a haunt linger young and wet fever
Yet you give on to
To with no universe secret as he breath a rhythm magic
Magic throb embrace
Secret open do make eternity

Never joy so dragon too
Joy which created every hard boost put performance protect system
Put rule from cheated empire
So love as a virus of a smart alien-like name

Compare between them little hero for they care not
They seem to honor away from home and only not to hold a promise
Home always filled with music of a sad tune
A melody that breaks the heart
That never stops beating even after dying

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