Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles expanded on Kyle Reese’s family tree. Now I admit this is a little strange that Derek (Kyle’s older brother) was never mentioned and so comes out of nowhere. It’s just like: Hi, I’m here!

But the character more than makes up for that fact. Derek is interesting and seeing him struggle with being in the present and having lost his brother provides interesting sub-plots is good story telling.

The big thing with Derek is that he has a strong connection to his brother. Hell, one of the reasons he decided to go back in time was to make sure his brother didn’t die. That takes some strength to leave the world you know behind for something unknown.

I really think I love strong family bonds in fiction because I never felt I had a strong family bond with any of my family, really. So when I see a story where a sibling goes through a lot to rescue another sibling it is really nice to behold.

Kyle is the more pure of the brothers. He’s the one that Derek looks after. Sarah Connor even remarks that even when Kyle got angry he still had some brightness to his eyes.

However, Derek is at the opposite end of the spectrum and it’s probably one of the big reasons why I prefer him. He can go dark and is the more protective of the pair. He feels like it is his duty to look after Kyle.

I really wish that we got to see more of Kyle and Derek working together at brothers. All we have to go on about the brothers’ relationship is flashbacks from Derek and what Derek said about Kyle. What if the reality was different? What if their relationship was strained? What if…

Hell, a Season 3 would’ve given us answers since John Connor and Catherine Weaver traveled to the future. The cancellation of TSCC robbed me of more Kyle/Derek moments!

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