It may feels as a dumb reason, but coming down to it, it’s a reason not let love between two last.
The outcome of what could happen is the likeness grows from lust to love.
It sounds wonderful, but to make forever, with bagged . . . no . . . there will be no words of that fate.
Maybe if that one didn’t have it, it could work.
Shallow, sounding to a key as so.
But worth it!
To hold onto that person, without the extra lines of bloods that came before today’s love.
Those words would come, saying them proudly, bells and all.
But they can’t be part of the picture.
Countless questions always repeat when making sure, when the bond goes farther than norm.
Do you have a good or bad relationship with them?
Are they still around?
Are they on their knees to you to have grandkids?
Do you ever wish to see them again, after being apart for so long?
Are they nearby within walking, driving, or plane ways away?
They might sound heartless, but they have got to be asked.
Just to be sure!
I want to spend the rest of my life with this person, who makes my heart stutter to live, but if they have them of what could someday be mine as well.
Dumb and find anew of love, with extra bags.
Out of seven billion people, there got to be a few.
I’ll find the right love, with one less thing to worry about.
The heart wants what it wants, but it doesn’t want that!



Fear of Parents-in-law

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