Issued 171


Walking down the clutter sidewalk Parkland Monskey began to reflects on what had just happen, and if she had dream the whole thing. She serious doubt that she did. But knew it would be impossible to prove it others let alone confession herself that she had so what died and had a back in time outer body expirees.   And even after all that she still knew little as to who the man in  red was; his name as well as the sole reason why  he still hunts the Beach Island. and yet maybe that was the point. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to know all there is about man in red nor go of a obsession to found out.  Yes thee was of information she had gotten doing that experience in the liberty but only bits and pices of the event and nothing more. No Parkland had gain little to nothing in  her investigation. And strangely she was okay with it. With all things which had happen to her theses pass two days all she wanted to do now is spine the remaining moment with her grandmother, her aunt,  her cousin, and bother as well as prepare to head back to Park Slope.


Turning on her cell phone she could see a dozens text message form her family asking her if she was okay as well as telling her ot come home. Parkland roll her eyes but simply texts “I fine, and “b home soon, before placing her phone back in her pocket. she than proceeded to head back to her grandmother house where  to her surpise  most of the debris from to  tornado was gone. And people stated to head back home entire savaging or repairing what was lift of the house.  when she came cross her grandmother she had notice sme men on top of the root hamming way as to places new broad, tile, pipes booth outside and inside  to make the house more livable again. Parkland love to see consecution work just the sound of  a hammer slaming down on some nails is enough to put a smile on he face.


“What am I doing here?”  Parkland whispered to herself for she knew it  would not be possible to entered the house especially scent there are men working  on it in a way that make passing throw them dangerous.


“Being that that there was no point in sticking around Parkland was about  to head to her uncle when a man had called out her name.


“Hello, Parkland, how are you feeling?”


Parkland turn and notice Rick setting in his pouch watching as some  of the  men go in and out of is house with some plie wood and glass.  He was clame  and in good spirt as he sat in his chair.


“Hello again,’ parkland said rather coldly while giving Rick a somewhat unwelcoming stare.  “Been looking for me”


“-Been keeping an eye out on your grandmother house as well as mine.” Rick reply. “One cannot be too carful of workers going in and out of places.


“Tell me about it Parkland said with a grin before looking down at the ground and looking back up at Rick.


“Are you okay throw? I mean with all the things that has happen these last few”-


“-I’m fine Parkland said quickly, for she just wanted to end the confersation there. “Look I have to run, but it nice seeing you again”-


“-It was the Man in Red who saved your grandmother’s life.” Rick said quickly w which lift Parkland open mouth as well as taken as to what he had just spat out.

By Jockerlee 77


Co-Writer T-Kun U.S.III


2014 Manic

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