They have said, where there is a strong male leader to guide us. There is also a strong woman to remind the strong man of what really matters for his people. In the land of the sand gods of Egypt, one comes to mind that fits the role.

For she plays the role right. Justifying nearing for other women to try. Yet, she understands if others do not want to.

Isis is not only a second command to her follow man. But things a man can not ever be.

Silly as it may ever be. A mother.

A simple role. Yet, a role no male can do fully on.

In her eyes, of the past and future, the weak were to oddly be seen as the women and children. But the women who had children put them first and prayed. The hardest for their male roles to help the future.

Some listen. To that pleases her and for that, are warmhearted graced with her love and understanding.

Some turn away. For that using the heart is a fool’s choice. With that, are giving a bitter ending.

Isis is not a goddess that someone should disgrace.

Some would say that when one has a weakness, they can never be something that can struck fear in others.

Isis’s weakness: children. Simple about why, for that they are for the future. If there is no one to carry on the days of tomorrow. There is no world.

And as to Isis, it is that simple. No questions asked.

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