Hey everyone. Little  late on this, but here is my planned schedule Now Playing’s schedule for September.  I realize that this month is never known for its anticipated films, but still there are films to discuss.  At the moment, I have no idea what films hit theaters in the first week of September, so that week is still up in the air. I’ll update everyone  on what will happen for that week. Anyways, I also want to point that you only have til August 31st to sign up for the September schedule. Also if a movie is labelled booked, it means that the show is already set up. In any case,  here’s the list.

Week 1:

1. Dolphin Tale 2

2. Before I Go To Sleep


Week 2:

1.The Maze Runner (booked)

2. A Walk Among Tombstones

3.This Is Where I Leave You


Week 3:

1.The Equalizer

2.The Boxtrolls


Keep in mind that the list might change due to certain movies not appearing on certain weeks. But I would like to aim for this initial schedule. So if you want to sign up for a discussion,  get in touch me by August 31st by either emailing me on ME or at somethingcinematic@gmail.com.

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