Hello and welcome to the Media Blitz…which is now a blog. Yeah, just like “The Hitlist”, I figured I’d make this a blog since it would be easier on me. So yeah, back to square one, I guess. Anyway, I’ve made to no secret that I like “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. I think it’s a really good show with likable and interesting characters, good writing, and relatable morals. It’s had some bumps in the road *coughMare-Do-Wellcough*, but overall, it’s at least better than most of the crap that animation gives us nowadays. Seriously, it’s either this or “Uncle Grandpa”. thI9927DBX

*shudders* But we’re not here to talk about the show, although it might make for a future review. Instead, we’re gonna talk about is spinoff, “Equestria Girls”. Seems appropriate, considering its sequel, “Rainbow Rocks”, is coming out next month. When the film was announced last year, it was met with harsh criticism, mainly due to its premise: putting the characters we know and love…in high school. But people saw it anyway, and some actually liked it. Will I join that group, or do I have the right to be skeptical? Let’s find out as we look at “Equestria Girls”.

Story–The plot is really basic. Someone steals Twilight Sparkle’s tiara, and it’s up to her to retrieve it. The catch? She has to enter the human world, learn their customs, bring a few familiar faces back together, and become princess of their Fall Formal in order to get back what’s rightfully hers. Since it’s a basic high school comedy, it would be easier to screw it up. But as we’ll see later, they actually find a way to blend everything together.

Characters–If you’ve seen FiM, you already know most of these characters. Twilight is the fish-out-of water that we saw from the show’s pilot–albeit wiser–, Fluttershy is me–I mean the timid girl who loves animals, Pinkie Pie is the bubbly party animal/comic relief, Applejack is the hard-working cowgirl, Rarity is the “girly-girl” if you will, and Rainbow Dash is the athletic tomboy. Not to mention Spike, Celestia, and Luna, among others. There are two characters made for the movie, though: Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry. Flash is, if I can be honest, a one-note love interest for Twilight. Not to say he’s a bad character, just not really interesting. Sunset, however, is a different beast entirely. According to a prequel comic, she was Celestia’s student before Twilight, but her pride led to her abandoning her teacher and being banished into the human world. There, she ruled Canterlot High with a iron fist. While she’s not FiM’s best villain and may come across as the stereotypical high school bully, she’s a pretty good character. Also, she becomes a demon during the climax. There’s not really much to say about the characters, but aside from Flash, they’re enjoyable.

Acting–Voice acting has never been a real issue with the show, and it’s pretty much the same here.


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