It may not mean much to him,
But the words that going to be said,
Will be spoken,
His smartass-ness can just sit and shut it.

Excuse that mini rant and let us begin.

But to say the least of him,
He is what keeps people grounded,
Bit realty to everything that people,
Just keep saying they love.

To what makes a great guy,
May go in many ways,
As to what others say is awesome,
Others may find as annoyance.

Call him as that one dude,
Who is an everybody that everyone cools with. . .
And then that other dude,
Who people put up with . . .

Between the two,
The latter is a fine choice,
As that where he’s at his rawest and truest self.

Take it as it plays,
People may not handle what he dishes out well,
Comes with the price as showing what is humane,
To the naked eye that will take it,
As a salt to the wound!

With that said,
Don’t every change,
Your dry humor always gets a laugh,
Even when others might disregard it.

Thought you should know,
But I am sure you’ll throw something back,
Go ahead,
From before you now have free range.

I just to hear what make you awesome,
Before anything else was left unsaid . . .

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