Disney Sing Along Songs Vol. 11: Friend Like Me Review 

Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Patrick DeRemer and owned by Walt Disney Records


Volume 11 is the volume that is used to promote Aladdin. In this volume we get a remixed opening theme and Jiminy Cricket is once again our host and the theme of the episode is the many Disney songs about friendship! I really like this concept because it’s a simple theme that everyone understands and a great selection of songs make up the list. Welcome to Volume 11 Friend Like Me!

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please excuse the added song. I don’t know whether it was in the UK version I don’t know so ignore that.

Friend Like Me

My favorite song from Aladdin is our title song and is such a great song! It’s catchy, vibrant, and creative in the animation because of genie’s shape shifting. It’s classic Ashman/ Menken goodness!

Best of Friends

Jiminy offers the concept of unlikely friendships with the example of Tod and Copper from Fox and the Hound. Big Mama sings the song of how great a friendship can be and how it isn’t bound by any sort of societal barriers or expectations. A great song about the unlikely friendship between a fox and a hound that attempts to defy the social barriers.

Something There

Jiminy then directs us to the friendship that sparks between Belle and Beast. This is a nice little song that serves the theme of the episode well and also is great for the advancement of the movie. Sometimes it takes time to be friends with a person and you begin to see things you didn’t initially notice! Great stuff!

How Do You Do?

Jiminy also sets up a song about how it’s great to make new friends and what better song to do this than a Song of the South song. You may be more familiar with this song from Splash Mountain where it is used very well. This is a fine song of a great movie that unfortunately no one can truly see in America.


This next song goes old school on us where Mickey, Donald and Goofy sing about their friendship over the years. It shows great cartoon footage of their adventures and partnerships. I really wish that there could be a cover of this song with Sora, Donald and Goofy because I believe their friendship is stronger and would fit the song even better!

In Harmony

The next song is also a plug to the then new Little Mermaid TAS and I love that! I’ve already taled about this song to death so I won’t say much, but it fits into this episode’s theme perfectly and it is great!

Let’s get Together

This next one is from the Parent Trap. It is also a Sherman Brothers song. It is good, but when you listen to How Do You Do and In Harmony before this it just doesn’t measure up as well. Still it is a good song about how the twins want their family to be whole again.

That’s What Friends Are For

This next song from the Jungle Book is also very good and it has an obscure song that fits the theme well and has excellent usage of the underrated Jungle Book characters of the vultures!

A Whole New World

The last song is obviously the award winner. My feelings about this song are the same about Under the Sea. While a good song it is extremely overrated. People go gaga over this song and I’ve never really understood why. It’s a solid song, but it’s seen as amazing! Oh well to each is own!

Friend Like Me Reprise

As with tradition the title song is back to entertain us once again and it makes a great finale song to end the show!
Final Thoughts

This is a great volume with a nicely constructed theme and excellent diverse song choices. It’s also worth noting that this is the last true Sing Along that is actually part of the numerical series. Join me next time where I look at miscellaneous installments of the Sing Along series and also the worst of the bunch that would end up ruining the series!


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