He’s a writer,

He’s a speaker,

He’s both with a soul.


Problems roll along with him,

Life changing in some ways,

But it doesn’t come close,

In stopping to form words,

For all to hear and read!


Simple as he is,

His work goes afar that.


Like all else,

We want to be heard,

But stop midway,

With fear that no one will hear,


Don’t give a fall of doubt to follow others.


For he falls into a new path,

His own,

Doing what makes all come together.


And in a world like this,

Fear of what can’t in control,

Should never define one,

Take in case of that,

And do what could happen . . .


In the matters of wills,

To that is what in,

That large plays of consciousness and compassion,

That is Jokcerlee77.

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