I won’t get them, I will never get them.

Nothing on this planet will prove me otherwise.

Intake goes into the body as needed, not for control of the unknown.

There will be one room that is just a room, not a life saver.

I won’t change.

Nor my life outside or inside.

Sight will stay the same, my body will even out, and organs will function as they do.

Sweetness will not be my down fall, to whatever form it takes, will never near me.

It can’t.

It won’t.

They it’s a lifelong road once it starts.

Not to me, not ever.

I will fight it; change my lifestyle by all means for it to never happen.

No one will look at different if so to happen.

No needle to stall it . . . for it only does so much.


I wouldn’t get it.


Never in this life time!

It’s a brand of direct I just couldn’t handle.



Fear of Diabetes 

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