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Hello my follow Expressionist how is everyone well  for me it been a vary busy tow and half mouth with the tour season i full swing as well as  deali g some vary import  personal problem  that came up. yet i am still here (than God) and is ready to get  back to what I love doing; writing Blogs as well as making videos  and this Wednesday i will do so by writing the up coming Park Slope: The Man in Red story-line which will finally come to an  end  in October of 2014. also  reviewing 007 will finally return this Sunday with the long overdue  Gold finger review.  i will also be working on a project that James know  about but till not mention until the frist deaf is complete . so yes i will be vary busy these next few mouths


The future of the old vidoes and Blog


with the recent  situation with web i was vary worried that i was ot be able to save soem of my work  and would have deem them lost  and old have to start fom the beginning. thank god that  did not happen  however after looking over at some of the blogs as well a  video  i had mad a desion as to how i am goingto psost some of my work as well as what i will live on the new web site


1. 60% of the video i have mad fo the site will be re-posted for the site  but throw vidoe that dealt with a topic no one is talking about will not be posted Note: this dose not include  All of the video sears  and  audio story .


2. 80% of my blog will be reposted but throw that was updated of my presonal live, well not be posted back on te site. the reson is simple. their is no  need for it and serves no porebous for some that had already pass.


majot chages on how i posted my video


e season finally of  Flash back review will be record later this week and doing the last week of September  A new season Of F.B.R  will began but on Manic Expression frist in fact all of the video with the exemption on one will place on  this site  before you tube  i want to do my part of supporting the site  and  wat better way than to have it  make sur it si seen here frist before  anywhere else.


Now i know  the new Manic  Express is sill doing baby step on getting the site just right so it is workable for everyone  and that oaky. i did not expected to 1o0%  and to be honest  it give the expressionist  to throw some idei out there to make the as better as it has been in the tree yeas. we not at web anymore and   there is no limitation how  we can make the site better.  of course tht down the road and yet I’am smiling for oad to Manic Expression’s future is liking brighter with each passing day


More to come  Express Yourslef


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