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After the massive success of the PlayStation 2, there were high hopes for the then upcoming next generation of consoles. The PlayStation 3 in particular was heavily anticipated by the gaming public. Of course, the PlayStation 3 had a lot to live up to considering the impressive library of games that the PlayStation 2 managed to built up over the years.

However, due to a high price point of $500-600, as well as having launch titles that are mostly seen as lacking, the PlayStation 3 had serious trouble getting off the ground. Sony also attempted to bring in a new video format in order to help PlayStation 3 sales, the Blu-Ray. Many people were baffled by the seemingly moronic decisions that Sony made in the making and release of the PlayStation 3. It was also released at the same time as the new Nintendo console, the Wii, which managed to become a smash success overnight despite the nay-say of gamers and gaming analysts alike. The PlayStation 3 was initially seen as a failure due to this.

The PlayStation 2 is still the best selling home video game console of all time. In terms of overall sales, only the Nintendo DS has surpassed the PlayStation 2 in terms of sales. The only other home console to come close to matching the success of the PlayStation 2 was its own predecessor, the PlayStation.

The PlayStation 2 made a huge impact on the gaming culture at large with its massive variety of games as well as the ability to play DVDs, which helped increase the popularity of that video format. When the PlayStation 3 tried to do the same thing with the Blu Ray, it initially wasn’t very successful at it as people felt that it was too soon to introduce a new video format so soon after the explosion of the DVD format. While the Blu Ray format has increased in popularity, the DVD is still the dominant video format.

The PlayStation 2 managed to last well over twelve years, which is an impressive achievement since it managed to survive long after the release of its successor, the PlayStation 3. It doesn’t need to be said again that the PlayStation 2 is possibly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, consoles of all time. It is possible that no future console will be able to capture the gaming public at large like the PlayStation 2 did. Even future PlayStation consoles could have serious trouble living up to the legacy of the PlayStation 2.

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