Issued 54

The strangers never enter their house. Instead Bill had offered him a sit in one of the four chairs he had on the pooch.  Once the man was seated Martha had ask the man if he would like for her to make a sandwich.


“No thank you,” the man said in a very low tone that was close to a whispered, “just the coffee.”


Martha nodded, and after giving her husband a worrisome look she had disappear back into the house leaving Bill alone with the stranger who was sitting face to face with only a round coffee table to separated them. Throw out the entered time neither the man, Bill, or Martha had said a world. Nor did they need to. For they could tell by the man’s pale face he was thankful for the Mailbook generously.  Both Mr. and Miss Mailbook sat quietly while the stranger drinks his cup of coffee. With ever sip he would close his eyes and took a long deep breath and held it for a ten seconds before releasing it.


Whenever he open his eyes he would looking out at the clear blue sky and both Mr. and Miss Mailbook could tell he was in deep thought about something but never ask what it was that was troubling  him.  When he was done he sat the cup on the coffee table and once again looks deeply on sky and turning his attention on the road before he’d eventually close his eye again with the Mailbook looking on. After taken a few deep breaths he rose to his feet and stared warmly at the couple when had shown nothing but kindness to him.


“I have to go,” he said softly, thank you.”


He was about t leave when Bill call out to him which cures him to look over his shoulder.


“Hold on I have something for you.”


Bill then walking onto the house and walks inside the living room, and then return to the pooch holding a five dollar bill in hand.


“Here my friend, take this. It’s not much but it will at less hold you until you reach your destination.”


The man sting and for the first time a look of shock was shown on his sad face.

“I can’t take this, sur. You need it more than I ever will,” the man said


“We insist,’ Miss Mailbook said while standing beside her husband.


The stranger was about the open his moth to say something but instead nodded his head and then slowly took the money from Bill’s hand. When he did a cold chill had rush throw Bill arm as he watch the man place the bill inside his path pocket.


“Thank you the man said to Mr. and Miss Mailbook, “Thank You,”


It was the last then he ever said to the elderly couple before he’d left their fort pooch and headed down the road. Both Mr. and Miss Mailbook had went inside the house and yet look outside their window w to one last look at their guest. But when they looked out the window the man had disappear into thin air.

By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III


2012-2014 Manic

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