Hello and welcome to average internet Reviews, I’m Fusionater, and I’m gonna do something a little different today(shock and awe!), I am going to make a list of the greatest Live action tv shows ever. But unlike my normal lists, next to no research shall go into this and no long thought will go into my choices, why am I doing this you may ask? For the hell of it, I kind of want to see how it turns out.

Number 9: Lois and Clark

What would I call this show? Good ol campy fun, something that I find doesn’t work to often, sure, it never went to campy, maintaining serious plots, interesting characters, and the like, in my opinion, this is just an all around good superman show.

Number 8: Lost

This show is painful to watch, so many goddamn twists and turns, even the twists have twists that look kind of twisty! That’s why I love it, throughout the show, anything could happen, and anything did happen. Now granted, some stupid shit happened over the course of the seasons, but it was all held together by a phenominal cast.

Number 7: Eureka

The show about the Marshal who stumbles into a town of super geniuses and becomes their sheriff…and than is forced to fix all their problems…I thought these were supposed to be geniuses, either way, this is a fantastic sci fi show with strange plots, funny characters, and good stories.

Number 6: smallville

Bu bu bu what! Another Superman show! Don’t worry, this totally isn’t a superman show, this is CLARK KENT! HORMONAL TEENAGE BOY WITH SOCIAL TROUBLES WHO CAN’T EVEN FLY!!!!! Yeah…hurry up and become superman(totally just stole a bum reviews joke, fitted for smallville). Rest assured, this is a good show, somehow being better with each season(Isn’t that like, the opposite of what normally happens?). And Personally, the show has the best Lex Luthor there is, making him a vastly more interesting character than most other renditions(though the DCAU did pretty well to), he carried a lot of the earlier seasons, watching him slowly become…the devil…Watch the show.

Number 5: House

Gregory House, racist, sexist, fascist, asshole…And yet being a genius makes all of that okay…hm…why do I enjoy watching this character again? Either way, this show, managed to give us a mix of brilliant comed and fantastic medical mysteries(In the earlier seasons at least). And Doctor House…the moment you referenced doctor Doofenshmirtz…it was just so awesome…go you.

Number 4: Monk

Mr. Monk….is awesome, sure he’d be annoying as fuck to actually meet, but that just comes with the condition. Now, this show…was better in the later seasons than in the earlier one, I think that was in part because of Sherona’s(his assistant/nurse/thingy) leaving and Natalie(His Funnier/interesting/assistant/nurse/thingy). With monk, you could always expect a thrilling case with great twists and turns…and hand wipes…lots and lots of hand wipes.

Number 3: my name is earl

This show is so goddamn funny, one of the greats, I tell you, the story of ex-con Earl Hickey trying to right all of his wrongs in order for himself to be a better person(Karma), with the added performence of Jason Lee as Earl, it gets even better, accompanied by Randy, his brother, they will fix all the bad things his done, in his words “I’m just trying to be a better person, My Name is Earl.”

Number 2: Doctor Who

What can I really say about Doctor Who? Old and new, it’s damn good. I’m still watching a lot of the old on Netflix, and enjoying myself with it, all I can say is…reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

Number 1: Scrubs

Fucking perfect. Perfect, in every goddamn way. Perfect humor, perfect characters, perfect plots, perfect, perfect, perfect. If there’s one thing bad I can say about this show…I can’t…there is nothing.

So, sing this with me! *ahem* Outh the door, just in time, head down the 405, gotta meet the new boss by 8:00 AM…such a great intro song…

Well to close this off…


Fusionater: *gasp!*

Crasher: Aha ha ha  ha ha ha!

Fusionater: Count Olaf?

Count Olaf: Yes it is I! Count Olaf, and I’m here to

Fusionater: No no no, our storyline isn’t scheduled until October!

Count Olaf: Oh um…I should just be going than…

Fusionater: *sigh* I should really reinforce my roof…



*Fusionater is turned into an owl by…the Duke…probably should have acknowledged that it was him when he got here…*

   To Be Continued…



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