Greetings Manic Fans.  I’m not going to name names.  I’m not even going to criticize the nameless.  I am going to make an observation, however.  In a rush to get all older blogs posted here, the front page(s) are getting overrun by multi-posts.  I have a feeling that it’s actually the fault of the system and that members are attempting to use the feature to post their stuff in the past and it’s not working, but showing up in the present.  Either way, I just attempted to post my first blog from the old site, a review of “True Grit” that I collaborated with BigBlackHatMan on, and it’s ended up on page 7….not a very visible location to start a posting.  I’d just like to make an appeal to the membership to slow down and put only one post per day again until such time as the new site glitches get worked out and we can then overload the back pages all you want.  Thanks for your consideration, my friends.  Peace.

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