Hello Fellow Expressionists, I’ve decided to break my normal stride and do something a little different today. The other day, I was clicking my way through Cracked.com as I normally do when I’m looking for written comedy, when I came across this article, if you clicked the link, you’le know that it is the 5 Celebrities Who Got Famous By Being Obsesses Fanboys. Among these 5 were The girl who plays Luna Lovegood in the films, and also the 10th Doctor for Doctor who. So yeah, good for them and all, but what does it mean? Now, one could argue that while these people were fanatics, it went beyond that, these people were completely insane, to the point where I think I would be somewhat terrified to be in a room with them. Of course, you could argue that these were just one off flukes that the universe likes to throw at us to keep us on our toes. Or maybe the universe was just trying to provide material for Cracked.

I am totally not stealing their writing style write now.

Either way. But what if it wasn’t a fluke? Is there really some kind of advantage to going totally fucking insane over one particular thing and relishing in your own insanity? Logic would say you would get shot based on that description, but screw logic, that stuff doesn’t really help in the long run anyway. Hows for an example. Let’s say I take a squirrel,

and give it a nut every day for a year, than suddenly stop giving him the nuts, and let him starve for a couple days. One day, instead of letting him rot there probably moaning about the nut I’ll never give him, I hand it to another Squirrel,

The Way he’s twirling his fingers, you can just tell this was his plan all along.

what do you think Squirrel #1 would do? If you guessed that he would walk away, you need to get your thinker checked. He’s probably going to try and get the nut from Squirell #2, and he’s probably gonna beat the living shit out of poor #2 to get it. The same can be applied to a Fanboy/girl, you show them something they love, say, Avatar the Last Airbender, they love it for a while and get their fill of it. And one day, without warning, they cancel it(Thank god that didn’t actually happen), they leave the fans to moan for a while, than, 1 day, they hand the rights to Michael Bay.

What is up with that smile anyway?

When this happens, things would erupt. I full on believe that the most “Passionate” fans out there would actually try to assassinate Bay. If this kind of thing went on, you can bet some sort of agreement would be made to put Avatar back on air(Probably a few arrests to). But the result of the scenario is the same, the fanatics got what they wanted by going insane. Of course I could just be some nut-job ranting on the internet, but than again, maybe not. And hell, if those fans can pull it off, than this is a totally reasonable lifetime goal.

  It is my destiny

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