Lets all give a hand for Moviefan12!

JDW: Normally Spotlight is my gig, and I guard it jealously. However, when I gave the Spotlight to Les a few months back it was clear that the job was too big for one Expressionist to pull off. That’s why I brought in Moviefan12 to help me write that tribute. Now it’s time to sing the praises of the King of the Disney blogs himself, who better to help me write it than Mr. Piano Man – Les. Say hi to the nice people, Les.

LES Hi, nice people  Actually, I pushed for this, as it wasn’t the first time that Moviefan12 and James got together to write a blog to praise yours, truly.  Additionally, there’s a whole lot of praise due to Moviefan12, and I wanted to be onboard to give mine.  So, James, where shall we start?

JDW: Well I’d like to start by apologizing for this blog taking so long. Honestly, i thought Moviefan12 was one of the first people I gave the Spotlight to, and then when I skimmed through them all I realizing that nope, I somehow missed him.
The reason I felt that Moviefan12 had to get a Spotlight was because…well…he’s Moviefan12. Who on this site doesn’t know that name? He’s one of our most frequent bloggers, he comments on other peoples work all the time. He’s awesome personified, wouldn’t you agree?

LES:  Oh, without question.  He daily posts amazing blogs from the inspiration of Disney, MLP and Musicals done so well, he’s rightfully considered the formost authority on his subjects.  I’ve had the honor of collaborating with him on several blogs, and he’s an absolute joy to work with.
However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Moviefan12 is also one of the site’s great organizers who loves to give the community things to get involved with.  He started the site’s yearly secret Santa event and the blog swap for April fool’s day.  Is it any wonder that he was a natural to become an valued admin here?

JDW: Not only is he a valued admin, but he volunteered for that position. Despite all he was already doing, Moviefan12 wanted more responsibility.
I remember when I met Moviefan12. I was posting Stop the Hate on TGWTG and he was one of those people who commented on every blog I did. He even wrote a tribute for me. He emailed me and asked if I thought doing a Disney themed blog would be a good idea, and I encouraged him to pursue that idea. I have to say, seeing how far he’s come as a writer has been really rewarding.
What about you, Les? When did you first meet Moviefan12?

LES:  I met him shortly after that when I got back to TGWTG and saw this amazingly prolific blogger who always posted his best.   It was only natural when I resumed my Great Blogger’s Tribute, that I gave the first one of the new series to him.  He’s been a great and valued friend ever since I met him, and he’s brought all those qualities with him to Manic Expression, and I have to say we are enriched by his presense here.

JDW: I 100% agree. When Fusionater and I were putting the finishing touches on Creative Chaos, we both felt the movie could not be complete without Moviefan12. It would be like making a documentary about Marvel Comics and not mentioning Steve Ditko. I knew just what I wanted to include in the film – Moviefan12’s touching tribute to the site on our first anniversary. He said in a couple of minutes what I would ramble on and on about for hours. He called us a family – he may have been the first to do that. I feel like we’ve been one ever since.

LES:  That was a really nice moment in the film, and so genuine, as Moviefan12 is in everything he does.  His blogs are heartfelt, because he puts his heart into them.  He made #1 on my list of favorite Text Bloggers for the simple reason that he epitomizes my philosophy of great blogging:  He writes from his gut about what he’s passionate about and, unfailingly, makes blogging gold every time.

JDW: Not sure there’s much else to say. Moviefan12 is not only an asset to Manic Expression, not only a great writer, but an all around good guy. We’re all lucky to have him here.

LES:  Without a doubt, my friend.  Thanks for having me aboard for this Spotlight, and to Moviefan12, thank you for giving us the gift of your passion and friendship.  We’re enriched by your invaluable contribution to Manic Expression.  Peace.

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