*Right as Moviefan21 and DisneyOtoko charge into battle, a trap doo is sprung under Fusionater’s feet.



Fusionater: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

*Fusionater lands in a white room, covered in padding*

Darkfan21: Hi!

Fusionater: YOU!

*Charges at Darkfan, but Darkfan leaps out of the way just in time*

Darkfan21: Now now, no need to be hasty, you haven’t heard me threaten you yet, look there Fusionater. *ponts*

*There is a TV sitting by the wall*

Darkfan21: When I leave, Bully Bromance Breakup is going to begin playing, and you are going to review it.

Fusionater: THE HELL I WILL!

Darkfan21: Oh, you will, or else.

Fusionater: Or else what?

Darkfan21: Or else I will transform you into one of the most nasty beings known to plague humankind, a horrible creature hellbent on destruction.

Fusionater: *Gasp*

Darkfan21: I will turn you…into a telemarketer.

Fusionater: *Gasp*

Darkfan21: Yes.

Fusionater: So either I do the review, or you give me a job?

Darkfan21: Yes.


*Darkfan leaves the room*

Before I start, I should probably let everybody know that the typical episode of this show follows an A plot, and a B plot, with the A plot following the big idea of Phineas and Ferb’s Day, and the B plot following the conflict between Perry The Platypus and Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Before that all starts, the episode begins with Buford and Baljeet(Bully and Nerd combo) having a falling out with Baljeet quitting being Bufords nerd…because that’s how that works. After that happens, Doofenshmirtz notices Bufords bullying prowess and decides to hire him as some “muscle” as Major Monogram put it. To this episodes credit, this is a rather interesting idea, but it ends at being interesting, the episode fails to take advantage of what could have been the episodes highlight and instead uses it(barely) in 2 or 3 scenes as a one off joke.

In the A plot, Baljeet has decides to put his newfound energy gained from the recent falling out to, you guessed it, climb a mountain. Hey, to each their own. This is where we come to my biggest problem with this episode, nearly every A plot character’s personality is changed in some major way.

Phineas and Ferb: Usually good natured friends to everyone, now borderline psychotic and unable to go 1 hour without inventing something.

Isabella: Whose love for Phineas is reduced to a puppy love that changes on the fly.

Baljeet: To a lesser extent in comparison to the other two, is changed so that his being bullied is all that defines him as a character. Now, it could be argued that this is evidenced that this is true by the fact that he and Buford spend nearly all of their screentime on the entire show together…Bullshit. I won’t let this review turn this into anything it doesn’t need to be, so I’ll keep it simple. Bullying is BAAAAAAAAAAAD. I think that sums up my thoughts rather nicely. “But wait Fusionater” you must be saying. “that all doesn’t seem too bad, don’t you think you’re being a bit too harsh?” Fair enough, I suppose my hatred of this episode primarily stems from my love of the show, does that mean that the episode gets a free pass? NO.

My Final Thoughts.

This episode is brimming with wasted potential, it could have been so much more, but it couldn’t have fallen flatter, I won’t b e seeing this episode again, and it would be in your best interest to not see it either.

Fusionater: All right than…*yelling* I’M FINISHED!!! I did the damn review, now what?

*Darkfan appears*

Darkfan21: Well look at you, you did it, didn’t you?

Fusionater: Uh huh, and now what are you going to do to me? Because, to be honest, I’ve seen bad films before, bad tv shows, bad psa’s, you name it, I’ve seen hundreds of these, one review is an annoyance at best, is that really the best you can do?

Darkfan21: Ha ha ha ha.

Fusionater: What?

Darkfan21: Did you really think the worst torment I would have for you is a bad tv show to watch? Did you really think that I was some poorly conceived pop culture reference who was only capable of throwing something so basic at one of my enemies? You don’t GET it do you? I want to kill you, I want to break your bones, I want you to be gone.

Fusionater: Ha, there you go with your thre…

Darkfan21: AND though it seems that I may very well never realise that dream, understand this, I may not kill you, I may not kill your friends, but don’t for a second think that this is the only thing I can do to you. By now I understand that I will lose, that after all of this is over you, Moviefan12, and the guy with the key are going to be standing over me beaten and possibly dead, probably with some lame quip about how terrible a villain I was, and than you’ll leave, and I’ll fall into the back of everyone’s minds as some worthless insect not worth a mention.

Fusionater: …If you know you’ll lose, than why…

Darkfan21: Than why would I go to all this trouble? Simple, to bring as much pain as possible in the end, that’s all I’m good for, all I was created for was to be the villain, to laugh evilly and be defeated by the oh so righteous hero of the story. Now I suppose I’m just playing the part, and maybe, just maybe, going out with a bang, or maybe I’ll survive, to fight again another day, to be insulted more, to slowly fall down that spiral where nobody cares.

Fusionater: Well than, I suppose I should stop you right now.

Darkfan21: Right now? Fusionater, I’m not even here.


Fusionater: What? Where are you!? Where am I??? *looks around* Is this some kind of cavern, is that a window? *walks over to window*


*Fusionater is on his knees, gagging, inside the window is the mutilated corpses of DisneyOtoko and Moviefan12*

Fusionater: *gag* Looks again* That’s a neat trick I suppose, but we both know that you couldn’t beat them…


*Fusionater is now in the room, and he is seeing DisneyOtoko and Moviefan12 looking at him*

Fusionater: What the hell…*looks down and sees his own mutilated corpse*
*Fusionater passes out*


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