Just a quick rant today. This is something that has bothered me for a long time and I have finally decided to rant about it. Not much else to do with my hand messed up from surgery yesterday.

I am sure we all know TV Land. It’s a Nick @ Nite spin-off which shows classic sitcoms 24 hours a day. It also shows original programs but that is not my focus here. Now you might imagine knowing how much I love sitcoms that this channel would be like heaven. Actually I hate the channel and avoid it. Why? BECAUSE THEY CHOP UP THE EPISODES AND INSERT COMMERCIALS WHEREVER THEY WANT!

OK, to be fair there are worst things and I do still watch once in awhile. BUT WHY???? Why chop these shows up like this? Now of we all know when a show is syndicated they add ad breaks which trim about a minute. And true it’s not unusual for re-runs to include an extra break, take Friends as a good example (when on another station) which always has an extra break in the episode somewhere. But the commercials always come in during transitions so it doesn’t take away from the flow of the scene. TV Land will flat out stop a scene to jam ads in! Not only that but they do it twice, while of course keeping the intended break in. Why do we need a million ads on a cable channel? This has the
bonus of making the show run long, which is fun when I try to DVR something. Sitcoms are made with intended breaks doing this interupts the flow of the story and ruins it. I figure they assume since these are re-runs no one will care. I do, and hate that channel. All they care about is promoting their original crap and man do they shove it in your face. TV Land was designed to save classic episodes, not descecrate them.  I used to love re-runs as a kid, now it depends on the station.

I feel like an old person whining about how “things were in my day”, but it just bugs me. TBS has a million ads but the episodes are realtively intact.TV LAND also loves running the shows into each other with no pause at all. making the closing credits an after thought. It is nice to have at least a pause before the next show, even TBS knows that. I realize others do this too and I hate it when anyone does it, it just seemd TV Land is the worst of the lot.

Ok, rant over. Let me know what you think, do you agree or am I overreacting? I’ll say one thing, thank god for TV on DVD!

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