Superfriends featured Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman working out of the Hall of Justice with teenage Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna. It was a great show,….when I was a kid.


It has aged I admit it, I even find it sily when I watch it today. It’s almost as if the cartoon show was stuck in the silver age. There seemed to always be something bizarre happening to the heroes. Odd space warps, peculiar aliens, random time travel. They would be transformed in to all kinds of things from monsters to gold statues, be shrunk down, mind controlled, or somehow turned evil. Once Superman was turned into a photograph, WTF?
This is a result of the era these shows were produced, since there could be no violence they had to resort to silly stories. Shows like He-Man  and G.I.Joe would eventually start the end of that trend thank goodness. And of course the new JLA shows were ten times better, But we can still look back at the classic and enjoy. So here are the five strangest moments in Superfriends. And yeah, I stole this idea from Phelous.  :)

After being pulled into a space warp Superman and Batman come across an inhabited planet. Why is Batman in space? Don’t ask. Anyway, the leader of the planet sees the two as dangers and imprisons them. He then turns Superman into an Eagle and Batman into a real bat. When the two escape into the warp they return to normal. I was torn between this one or the one where aliens take over Batman and Superman’s minds, but this was weider,
“The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein”
The descendant of Dr Frankenstein kidnaps and steals the powers of Supemrna, Batman, and Wonder Woman and transfers them into his latest creation. The three are bound to a table and get the whole lightning bolt treatment. The solution they come up with is to take the remaining powers and transfer them to Robin. Try to imagine a large Robin battling a big monster, and you get the idea.
“The Planet of Oz”
A tornado picks up the Hall of Justice and transports it to the Planet of OZ. There, Mr. Mxyzptlk informs the heroes that they must find the wizard to get home. Not strange enough? Along the way our heroes encounter the Wicked Witch of the Worst Kind in a gingerbread house. She then turns Superman into the Tin Man, Wonder Woman into the Cowaedly Lion, and Aquaman into the scarecrow. I could not make this up if I tried! The witch is really Mxyzptlk who is trying to creat a potion to keep from going back to the 5th dimension, after the heroes gather the ingredients they switch them to trick Mxyzptlk.
“Lord of Middle Earth”
This one freaked me out as a kid it was so bizarre! Zan and Jayna are on a camping trip when Gleek chases after a troll. They end up trapped in the troll kingdom. The twins are trapped but Gleek escapes to get help from the Superfriends. They follow and find the Middle Earth. Ok, not so bad so far. What is so strange? The villain called Mal Havok  uses his magic powers to turn the Superfriends into trolls! Their powers gone, the troll Superfriends work the mines as slaves. Yeah, that’s right. The rest of the episode is the team trying to find a way to defeat the villain and restore their normal forms. The good news? This whole episode ends up being a dream that Gleek was having at the camp out.
“Journey Through Innerspace”
But by far the craziest thing ever was what happened to Aquaman in this episode, radiation de-evolves him into a prehistoric sea creature! He turns into a big shark like creature. How in the world is that possible? Even better, the cure involves Supermn and Wonder Woman shrinking and entering Aquaman’s body to administer another dose of radiation. Yes, a second dose will somehow cure him! Of course as they rush to administer the cure which has a time limit the creature causes havoc. Why does transofrming into a monster always make them evil too? What makes this #1? Because there is no cop out like the others. This isn’t an imaginary story or the result of some sort of magic, this episode is supposed to be taken seriously! A really silly episode even for this show.
This show could be silly, but it was still freaking awesome! I loved seeing all these heroes together and some episodes were really well done. I enjoyed the hell out of it as a kid and credit this show for beginning my love for comic books. Wonder Twin Powers…ACTIVATE!!!

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