In the first episode of Worthy of an Oscar where I review the films that have won the Academy Award for Best Picture we look at English gentleman Phileas Fogg’s attempts to travel around the world in 80 days, a feat that was very hard to do in the 1870’s. As being the second video I’ve ever published on the internet it’s one of those cases where the performer is still looking for his style so it is not as high quality as some of my later works.
PS: In this video I haven’t yet started the tradition of introducing the directors and writers so I mention them here along with some of their other known works. Director: Michael Anderson (Logan’s Run). Writers: James Poe (Cat on a Tin Hot Roof), John Farrow (director of Hondo starring John Wayne) and S.J. Perelman (Monkey Business starring the Marx brothers).

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BigBlackHatMan: I have never seen this one and don’t think I will be picking it up any time soon since the road show pictures have not aged well for the most part. It looks like this series was solid from the beginning. Good work

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