In every type of media,

There is a hero,

Super or not,

That I can rely on,

If things just go too far.


In this case,

When in the name of trollz and butt-hurts,

There is only one man for the job.


Set the signal in the sky,

And call out to one who can stop all.




Clever man he is,

Putting all back into the right,

Within reason of his tor-chore chamber,

Or to be blunt,

Just calls out the haters.


To whatever gets the job done,

He strikes hard at the fans and not,

Fixing whatever is broken,

And leaving what remains for others to think,

About their irrational deeds they had set on others.


If the internet ever needed a hero more,

It’s Fluffyman to get the job done!


Thank you Fluffyman,

You have worn and will keep doing so,

Wear the cape the proudly!

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