With feared and stock eyes,
They tell no lies.
He stands proud and tall,
Over the evil crowd,
Showing for those to fall.

With a name that is sweet as honey,
More powerful then money.
Filled with feelings that are homey,
They make me feel less lonely.

Your fare and just,
Filled with care,
No signs of lust.
Forward to the point,
I know you won’t disappoint.

My heart races at great speed,
I only hope not to be mislead.
This flame glows for you,
So just stay true.

Drop all ties.
I want us to be the most wonderful pare.
Don’t leave love in the dust.

I want this to seem… more then a dream.

Wake up… start up a new day.

There won’t be a delay.

I want love,
That can’t be found from above.

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