Long Run

The rush was to much.
I didn’t want it go out like this.
My heart can’t take much more of this.
Who in the whole world could pull that off.
The blood flow is slowing down.
I can breath a little better.
So glad it’s over.
How could anyone let me and me alone deal with something like that.
It was a pain to do so.
Just as I thought the pain caught on a little bit faster.
Why in the world does it has to hurt so much.
I’m glad that I have made it this far.
I know the run so far is no where close to be over.
Yet that finish line is just over the corner.
I’ll get there.
Even with half my body gone with the wind and is useless.
I won’t stop.
I’ll get there.
I know I can.
Just a bit more…

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