An amber glow filled the sky, gentle winds casted through the lands, about the forests, etching from side to side of the busy buildings that was Manic City. All the steel towers and crowds streets pulsed as blood through the body of any human, spiked by an unknown substance making it, unnatural to others.

For, its unnaturalness has made some of its people venture away. To have a much better grasp of what’s around one, no hurry was needed.

Even if it was in the woods, through the thickest of mountain tops, aging by passing year it was home to others, in that past that is, as this crumbling temple is all one needs. Sadden to know, not long ago, this temple once was like the city, and was it ever.

Through the lone, worn, beaten path that scared its way through forest, winding the mountains, a travel is was, but worth each as a goal. Carrying supplies of many on one’s shoulder alone.

Heaving a proudly sigh, when having reached the last step to the temple, finding upon an old battery lamp, using that to guide into the temple. Opening and closing the large doors, walking into the heart of the temple.

Doming candles as the person walked on, dropping the large bag on the ground by the person’s side, lamp on the other, kneeling. Hands coming together, in a sign of pray. For a moment of peace, but was dash, when feeling something push behind.

On reflex, the person turned fast, launching three Bo shurikens at the unwanted feel.

“Ah!” The other gave in a surprise shock, but was able to side step them, looking to where they landed, into the aging wall, leaving small holes and spider wed cracks in their wake. Finally then finding the person’s deep voice. “My, my, the sources about you were quite right. Aim is a little spotty though.”

Each word came out in a somewhat coy tone, teasing the other, when only getting a glare in return.

The other standing fully up, brushing a bit of hair out one’s face, only for it to fall back in place. Standing ready for what man wanted, be it a fight or chat. The latter of choice was in lack of favor at the moment.

“Not much of a talker? I find trait many workers should have. But, my goodness where are my manner, I come into you lovely home and not even giving my name. Shame on me, I am . . .”

“Professor Meme.”

“Oh you do speak.” Meme said, though not in much gladness as before, but kept talking. “Heard of me, then you must have heard as to why, little missy?”

“The wind whispers much what people can get in a daily life. And what you want and need. Will, not be founded here. Leave.”

The young female hands clamped into fists for a moment by her side, calming herself the best she could. Face calmly forming a frown when Meme started too walked around, not listen to the words she spoke before.

“Dingy place, one false move this place could fall apart. Much as those who were here before you must hurt so much, being the last.”

The female said not a word.

“I have an idea!” Meme exclaimed in joy that mocked that of children, and it did stop there. “Why not join my team I making together, in ways of helping this old dump? Huh, what do you say? A little remodeling never hurt anyone.”

The rage slipped, having it enough for Meme to be on the ground, dagger to his throat. A sandal covered foot planted firmly on his chest. The heel; digging through the white jacket, pressuring the chest down.

“I’ll say once more . . . leave.”

Meme just looked bored now, seeing that sweet and playful wasn’t going to work.

“I guess I’ll need someone else to get through that thick head of yours. Timmer, a little help would be much welcome, please!”

Out of nowhere, the new person catching her off guard by her blind side, the female was hurled off Meme, thrown across the area, landing harshly into large shine. Few candles, drapes, and stone fell with her, resting for a moment in the human size crater.

Trying to coolly stop, the ringing, echoing through her head from the blow.

“Now I wouldn’t want to play this route, but you just didn’t simple say yes, as my fine machine maker, Timmer here. But, I’ll look over that minor thing, is you give the answer, hmm?” Meme asked again, having Timmer pull him up, brushing off some dust.

“Sir, move.”

Meme did just that, inches from being attack again from the little fighter. Timmer, having to keep her, at bay, from laying a finger on him, but the longer it went on, the harder it was becoming.

“Sir, if you will?”

Meme looked to Timmer, sparing a moment to him from looking around the aging temple. Bored stony face he wore.

“Oh, yes, go on ahead.”

Timmer gave a nod, quickly finding the right moment, getting the upper hand, pining the young girl to ground, pulling something out his belt, stabbing into her neck, who supply a groan in pain from it. Once, the object was in place, stepping away before being attack again, by her.

Meme didn’t waste a breath, holding something in his hand, pulled out from his pocket not long ago. Pressing something, that sent the girl in a shocking spasm. Biting; roughly on her tongue till bleeding to keep from screaming.

After a few seconds, the shocking stopped, Meme smiling now in a joyful matter.

“Now I bet you’ll listen, little missy.” Meme started out, pacing about the area, before talking again. “We could have done this the easy way, but it seems; that’s not how you play it. So, fine, by me, your lost child.”

Timmer kept close eye, as the girl tried to get back her feet, shaking with each movement. Wiping, the side of her face from a lone trail of blood that ran thinly from her mouth.

“I wonder how this would sound. If you work for me, I promise that when it’s over, this place will remain standing, until that is, it finally decides to come down itself. That sound better, or it be, that I’ll be back, in matter of minutes, tearing it down myself.”

The young fighter eyes went wide, shaking now that wasn’t from the shock’s side effect. Knees didn’t even give her a chance to fully stand, having fallen back down, face becoming hard to see. Batter hands lying by her body, unknowing what to do.

This was all she had left.

If this temple was gone, what would she have left in this contemptible world?

“Do we have a deal?”

She could only give a nod.

“I would like a wordy reply, unless you want this place to go away.”

“As you command, sir, you have me, T-kun as you defender of whatever you need.” She said, hollow and hurt.

“Good. Oh, and how about Captain instead?”

“Yes, Captain.”

Meme nodded with a job well done, walking by her dropping something by her side. It was a card; with information on it. He chooses to speaking, shortly with Timmer, and to have him to follow Meme out of the temple. And so he did, without, much of a fight. Before, turning to face T-kun, who was still on the ground in the most udder defeat of her life?

“When you can, follow what’s on the card. Be there within the coming week. Any latter, I might change my mind. Understand?”

“Yes, Captain.” That same dry answer tone was given.

“Good, now Timmer, my right hand man, who’s next?”

“That would be a young Michael, sir.”

“Oh, joy for this. Let’s get on way.”

The End.

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