War is nearing,

petty as it is,

I still will fight,

and from what I hear.

Thunder clouds fill the sky hastily for what’s to come.

When a strike comes and breaks the earth.

All must be ready for the threat to come.

Thy captain has said little to what’s to come.

In a world like this,

answers such as them,

are too true.

But he has said,

not to fear them.


they are little nothings,

feasting off the fleas of dogs,

of a half-brain hapless owner.

Hearing their names,

makes my inner child giggle with glee.

Though the mindless monster,

of that child,

wants to tear,



and stab them.

With only,

a heartless,


and cold . . . but,

a small a smile,

to say,

the least.

Ready to crave in inflamed toner of their lives into nothingness.

I shall not fear them,

nor my comrades,

nor captain.

Captain speaks of their names as a speck of dust on one’s shoulder.

When spoken of them in his malevolent ways,

I remember them.


name only,

seeing that faces are less reasonable to remember.


those off,

with each death ready for them and them alone.

Smithy 666.

Hedonistic Actor.

Mister Aspiring Actor.

Curiousity Inc.


Disney Otoko.

Movie Explorer.


The Second Opinion.



speaking of their deaths so freely would,

destroy half of the fun.

When the time comes,

they’ll get theirs.

And too their leader,


I believe his name is?

Warnings to those,

who speak ill of either my team,

Or leader,

for I nor my team,

nor leader,

don’t back down,

so easily,


May when we finally meet in battle,

be one to remember,

for I have known to have a bad memory,

to that means little to me.

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