[Originally posted 17 August 2013.]

This is it, the latest film that Terrence has Contributed to the World of Film. Apparently, this film is consider his worst out of all of his films, & was the last film Roger Ebert reviewed…this is To The Wonder.

From what I could tell from the film, the plot focuses on this married couple (Ben Affleck & Olga Kurylenko) and their child who live in France and they decide to move to America. When they move, (Probably to where Tree of Life took place) at first they’re happy, but for some reason the kid starts to hate Ben Affleck and consider him not his Father and the couple start to seperate. Affleck eventually has a small thing with Rachel McAdams and then he goes back to Olga for….Reasons. (I Have no idea.) they get married in a Prison for some reason and they keep fighting throughout the fim.

The couple’s relationship at first seemed like they were doing well, but as the Second & Third Act show up in the film, they have fight scenes that are completely jumbled and tossed around in the film. Plus we never really get to know why they were Fighting. You know what, I think EDWARD & BELLA FROM TWILIGHT had a better relationship than these two.

I couldn’t really comment on the acting since, probably, all the scenes were cut to make it look like an Art Film. Ben Affleck almost No Dialogue throughout the film, Olga mainly just dances around in random places (In a park, she randomly licks a Tree……ok…)

Plus we also have Javier Bardem in the film who plays a Priest who the couple know personally. Personally, I couldn’t really tell why he was there in the film

Throughout the film, it still shows off typical Terrence Malick traits that were Overused in the Tree of Life…In Fact, The Film looked just like Tree of Life. The Narration of the film was all in French from either Olga or Javier Bardem. The Pretty Imagery wasn’t overused like in Tree of Life, but it still had a lot of it in the film.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It was Really Really Bad. It was up there with Tree of Life. There was no Acting, the Plot was paper thin, the relationship was confusing, and the film ended up being just a mess.
If you are a Terrence Malick fan, I have to ask this question: Why is this film Considered Bad? To Me, It looks just like a Terrence Malick film. In fact, it looks like all of his films (Except Badlands.)

So that’s the end of T.M. Thoughts…For Now….I found out his next film is called “Knight of Cups” & it will come out sometime this year….oh joy…Plus, he’s making a Musical……….:|

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