[Originally posted 16 August 2013.]

Well, it’s the second to Last blog about Malick & it’s his first Feature film…I hope it’s not as boring as the others…

The film start off in South Dakota where a Garbage truck worker named Kit (Martin Sheen) meets up with a girl named Holly (Sissy Spacek) who eventually fall in love but she keeps it a secret from her Father. Her Father eventually finds out when Kit shows up in her house and he Shoots him. The Rest of the film is the couple on the run & how Holly starts to loose interest in him.

The film still does includes some of Malick’s traits he uses in film like A Narrator (Spacek) and Pretty Imagery, but the imagery is very Minor and the Narration helps move the plot and describes Holly’s Thoughts while on the run from the Law.

The film is supposedly loosely based around the 1958 Murdering spree of Charles Starkweather & Caril Ann Fugate. The film does feature a murder spree from Kit although Holly was mainly just a witness to the occurences.
The Film does have the characters showing emotions & they do seem to have personalities to them like Martin Sheen being a Charming guy whose one the run from the law. Plus we also get a Cameo by Terrence Malick.

Oddly, he spoke his lines a bit Quietly & came off as a bit Shy. (That could be a reasons he never does interviews or goes to award shows & Martin Sheen said he was “the Shyest Man I know.”)

FINAL THOUGHTS:……Surprisingly, I liked it alot. With the usual great Camera work, the Acting from Sheen & Spacek, and with a good story, It ended up fairing as Terrence’s Best Film that he’s made so far. Out of all of his films, This would be the One I would HIGHLY Recommend seeing. So…Go see it.

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