Issued 37

   Form the moment Parkland entered the chapel everyone quickly became quite. Parkland didn’t like it but decided to hold back on the yelling Intel Tom at less had to tell her what it was that will no doubtingly flip he lid.

   “What is it, Tom? “She asks rather coldly while folding her arms.

   Tom was very hesitant to approach Parkland, “Arrr, P, you don’t by any changes have The Francellies phone number do you.

   “No I don’t have the Francellies telephone number.” Parkland replied angry, ‘is that what you wanted to.”-

   That when it hit her. She did not see nether Ray, and Maria Francellies anywhere doing this meeting.

   “-The Francellies never show up for the meeting; did they?”

“Arrr, no they kind skip it”

   “And what does that suppose to mean?” Parkland said angrily while glaring at Tom. “Where are they?

   No reply.

   “Where are they?”

   No comment as Tom along with the rest of the group slowly sated to movie as far away from Parkland as possible.

   “Spill it, Tomas, what are throws Godfathers want -a-bees up to now?

 By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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