Issued 36

   Alan’s nurse did not know to think of what she had just witness in fort of her; A group of kids gathering inside a hospital chapel just so they could have a meeting? How of then dose those happen? And what this cell phone monsters nonsense they’ve been talking about this whole time? I n any case this some the nurse will never forget and hope it will never happen again.

   “Arrr—excuses me, dear but we really need to go back up now.” The nurse said nicely as Alan carefully sat back down on his wheel chair.

   “Okay,” Alan replied while everyone rushes over toward Alan to say their goodbye and telling him to get well which left Alan blushing.

   Before the nurse was able to wheel Alan toward the elevator, Parkland Monskey came running toward them; calling Alan’s name the nurse stopped pushing the wheel chair and before Alan could turn his wheel chair around he saw Parkland standing in fort of him trying to catch her breath.

   “Almost forgot to say thanks for setting them striate,” Parkland said while breathing heavenly.

   “Thanks,” Alan replied, although to be honest I really don’t think I’ve anything you could have done on your own?”

   “Trust me,” said Parkland, you telling them to stop have a more powerful effect then me telling them.” She then pulls out a card he had inside her coat pocket and gave it to Alan, “for you.”

   Alan gave parkland and odd look but once he open the card and read what was inside his face lit up with joy as he then smile at her.

   “Thanks, P,” he said happen.

   “Just promise me nix time you’ll look both ways before crossing the street. Parkland said while giving Alan a hug and kisses him on the cheek.

   “Don’t worry I will,” Alan said happily, and form there Parkland watch as the nurse wheel Alan’s inside the elevator and stay initial the elevator door close.

   “Well I guess that’s that,” Parkland though to herself as she pushes her hair away from her faces.

   “P—p,” Parkland could hear someone call out to her form a distant.

   Parkland turns around only to see both Megan and Jim running toward her.

   “What do you two want?” Parkland asks them rather coldly.

   “It’s Tom, he need to talk to you. It’s very important.”

   “Well if it so important how come he didn’t.”-

   But Parkland looked at both Megan and Jim worried faces that it was clear why Tom it was clear why tom had sent them rather then come himself.

   -“Hum the coward, Parkland said while rolling her eyes, “fine lead the way”

   Parkland said as both Megan and Jim head back toward the hospital chapel with parkland following behind them.

By Jockerlee77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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