Issued 33

   Realizing he needed to get to get right to the point, Alan began t explain how what happen to him was not the work of the cell phone monster, but just an accident that he himself admitted was course by him not looking both ways when he crossing the street.

   “But I saw it happen, I was there,” a girl with long yellow hair who and blue eye said from the back of the chapel.

   “Really,” Alan said while raising an eye brown, form what my sister had told me, Megan, you said that my phone was trying to make a clean getaway.”

   “But it did,” Megan insisted. “When the car hit you your phone was trying to leave the scene of the crime.”

   “The phone flew out of my hand, Megan it was not trying to make a clean getaway.”

   “Hum—I a unlikely story,” Hurry said with a grin.

  “Actually that’s exactly what happen when me and you sitting on the stoop,” Ana pointed out which got everyone looking at Hurry who simply smile at all of them.

   “Hurry is this true.” Tom asked Hurry who smile and rolled his eyes at him

  “Yes I was there when I the car hit Alan, did not know a person can fly so high in the air.”-

  “Hurry!” Parkland yelled at Hurry.

   “-What—I’m only telling you what I saw,” Hurry said while making hand gestures to himself. “Anyway Alan accident was course by his stupidity and not this pretend monster everyone been talking about.”

   “If you knew this why did you bring this up at the meeting?” Jim who was wearing a white dress and black path ask rater angry.

   “And miss all the fun seeing everyone goes nuts on people thinking a cell phone monster was gonna to attack them. Why wouldn’t I want to see that?” Hurry said with a smile which mad booth Alan and the rest of the group glare at him.

   “Wait a minute -you got punish of taken your father battery out of his cell phone,” a boy yelled out from the group, why would you do that if you did not believe the cell phone monster was real?”

   “I did it because I was getting tired of my dad talking and drive at the same time.” Hurry explains. “Not for nothing but he goes a little too fast while he doing a confess call while driving down the road.” Hurry explain any way as punishment he told me I needed to go this meeting—which I did—so can you go now I missing all my cartoon.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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